Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Day and Night Fall Decor:)

 Misty mornings and darker evenings of Fall are wonderful time to enjoy at your home with simple Fall decors. Shops and kitchen gardens are filled with rich colored Pumpkins and flowers during this season. Creating a simple Autumn decor with Autumn elements  like the Pumpkins, Candles, naturally dried leaves & flowers, the foliage gives a pretty look for a table top  during day as well at night. 
As the evenings draw in, candles lit add a comforting glow to the room and also a way to celebrate this colorful season.

                                                      Pumpkin  From our kitchen garden

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

August Table.

There is slight change in the Sun's shadow. But still it's warm and sunny here. This in-spite of  the showers at regular intervals. It is a wonderful sight to see out side the window  the Pigeons, the Mynas and the Crows build their nests close to each other on the tree top and inside the building holes. They are neighbors to one an other and it is amazing to think that nature has designed a life style for them  to live in harmony and peace without disturbing each other. We also get to hear the calls of Koel  often these days as it waits for the rain to arrive. The calls appears the bird is calling out for someone. Hearing the calls it takes me back to my childhood days, as kids we were told by grandmothers and mothers the story of why the Koel calls before the rains. The cute little sad story is about centuries ago when two sister birds went for their bath during rains to a river, one bird washed away by the swift water current and never to return again. The other sister bird  thinking that with the arrival of the rain her sister too will come back, calls for her return and  thus  we hear her calling from  tree tops just before the rains. Indeed a heart warming sibling love and affection story. There is much for us to learn from these little stories and nature. 

In few weeks time once again it is time for the yearly celebration of festivals here. Many things are lined up on  the card .We'll experience the North East monsoon rains too. In many countries it is  onset of Autumn and also time for colorful visual treat to nature lovers. It's a season to rediscover comfort of warmth, cozy wardrobes and not to miss romance in front of fireplaces. There is going to be warm palettes and hearty menus with beautiful tables-capes at play in blog-land too.

Did a simple Autumn touch table as a mark of welcoming Fall. Be prepared and enjoy the beautiful Fall with all the Fall wonders:)      

                                                                Thank You:)))

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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A Home with Traditional Indian Touch:))

Elements of aesthetic and ethnic decor lend a stunning look to Jaiya Venkat's home at Bangalore in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is truly a home of her dreams. Her home reflects her aesthetic sense with collection of exquisite Indian artifacts and paintings. The beautiful Tanjour painting with deities images on the walls have a universal appeal and intangible presence of the omnipotent. 

As we go from room to room we are struck by the play of  earthy tones, vibrant colors and textures. The look gives a impeccable finish. The bed, couch and the chairs have a strong traditional characters. 

Jaiya created a harmonize,  elegant traditional home with her wonderful collections and I am pleased to share this beautiful home on  home tour series at Crystal grandeur.     


Note on Tanjore Painting: Tanjore Painting or Thanjavur Oviyum in local language is a classical South Indian painting originated way back in 1600 A.D. from the town of Thanjavur or Tanjore. It is characterized by rich flat and vivid colors, simple iconic composition of glittering gold foils over laid on delicate but extensive gesso work and inlay of glass beads and pieces or rarely precious and semi precious gems. The subjects of most paintings are related to Hindu Gods and Goddesses.