Tuesday, 29 November 2016

5th Blog Anniversary with a Teascape

Hello dear readers....Happy to say that my blog Crystal grandeur entering it's sixth year in blog land. Five years later as a blogger i feel my journey through the blog land is an incredible one. Like experiencing the beauty & colors of  natures changing seasons(Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) Crystal grandeur too saw the imprints of the seasons along with the celebrations and festive uniqueness through tables capes, decors etc. Blog land is truly a space for creative interactions, inspirations and also a phenomenal way to connect with the rest of the world. 

I express my warm thanks to everyone during this wonderful season of thanks giving for always being there cheering me up with feed backs, encouragement, suggestions and for their eternal love. I love them all. It's unthinkable that i have uploaded  192 my very own  creations. It would't be possible without your support. 

Of late I see many bloggers are becoming inactive. I feel every busy woman should take a few minutes of her day to be just the way they were once in blogging and keep that same spirit alive. The beautiful creations and stories from bloggers are always refreshing, entertaining and in my words i put, it celebrates magical women spirit.  

The year 2016 is drawing to a close. Of-course it's Christmas time too and the Christmas decors in living room, bed room, kitchen and in every little corners of your home sure to bring smile to your lips and warm your heart. Happy Christmas Decorating to everyone.  

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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Thanks giving day Greetings:))

          'Nobility is served on the plate of Thanks Giving since noble is        that man who expresses his gratitude' 

       A warm Thanks Giving Day Greetings to everyone from                  CrystalGrandeur!

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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Holiday entertaining table:)

When it come to holidays and to invite people home, all any of us really want is to show them how much we love them by entertaining, gifting and by creating a beautiful soothing ambiance that they love perfectly. In the same spirit of warmth and generosity, setting a center piece for the table with autumnal foliage, seasonal fruits and blossoms  for your guests would be welcoming and a spot to admire. 
I wanted to bring in the Falls changing colors to the tables centerpiece and doing so with natures largesse- the pale bushy evergreens, Chinese oranges arranged on a wooden tray, the chefs, rolled sphere napkins with blue wares on a white base looked pretty. It looks as though the happy chefs are standing there to serve you with their preparation. There is thick hot creamy spinach soup in the bowl to enjoy the season. 

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