Thursday, 28 December 2017

A coastal charm Chritsmas Holiday Table:)

The stage is set to ring in 2018. And now that the year is on it's verge I feel certain newness and freshness in the air. It's been a full year for me with lot more things happening behind the things, different things, good things and bad things. But that doesn't make it bad because lots of lessons learn t and I've come out stronger more tolerant and lot more prepared for anything and everything. I believe in what ever happens, it happens for good and be grateful to God for being by your side . 

So, while you host a party and raise a toast to all you hold dear, I'll send my silent prayer for a healthier, happier and more prosperous 2018 to all my dear & near ones. Wishing everyone to have a super New Year!

Presenting here a table setting all about coastal charm. The fact that people living near the beach or coast have the influence of the sea by adding sea elements to the decor during seasons or celebration. Creating a coastal ambience by setting a holiday table in a corner with chillness still in air & with sea elements was fun and made the corner to look festive.

A wrap note: We don't consider it a gift if your heart isn't in it.  So, if you are simply doing it for the sake of it, don't. Gifting and receiving the gift is all about the feelings. The equation is same in taking and in giving. A gift with heart full of love, warms the heart of the giver and the receiver. The gift can be simple but it can be very special too. You can personalize your little treat with a beautiful wrap, ribbon or accent piece like tiny shells, figurines, flowers foliage etc. This Christmas season I received this cute duck as a gift from my niece Meenakishi with all her love wrapped around it.  


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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Black & Gold Chritsmas table:)

Black and Gold is the color theme I have chosen for this year's Christmas table. Glittering gold elements combined with gold printed black tableware and seasons favorite cut glasses  shows how glamours the table can be. Placing few botanical inspired gold leaves and the golden reindeer in the center gives a perfect look for the very special  moments shared with family and friends. For the mid night magic lighting candlesticks can be simply sumptuous with guaranteed giggles & with festive delicious meal.

          A wonderful feeling to wish you all "Merry Christmas'. 

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