Thursday, 31 October 2019

Alluring Red Diwali Table:))

    It's festive time around the world and our festival the festival of lights.... 'Diwali' just got over and we are still in the mood of exchanging Season's greetings.

Almost all the festivals have come and gone in Indian calendar and it's just another sixty more days to say good bye to 2019.

We are having good monsoon showers these days but that didn't dampen the spirit of celebrating Diwali. Lots of shopping, styling inside & outside of the homes, smell of the sweets filling the air from kitchens, Color filled Rangolis on the floor bed to welcome Goddesses, lighting of diyas.... and the list goes on. Creating a table for the occasion was not left out and did one by bringing all the reds to the table, which looked glamours and dazzling. 

    Pretty Roses and Marigolds are desired for the celebration and are not missed incorporating them to decors. Here I am happy to present a red themed alluring Diwali table to you all at CG :))  


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