Thursday, 20 February 2020

# 300th Post At CrystalGrandeur #

This is a special post for me as well to CG. This is the 300th post at Crystal Grandeur and the journey of mine here in blog-land since 2011 for table styling just amazing. There were many journeys in life but this beautiful journey of my passion in blog front truly going to stay with me for ever & ever. I am just enjoying the moment and what better you can ask for. When I see other bloggers completing their mile stone I would wonder whether  I can do that.... Yesssss here I did it and a delightful treat indeed. Thanking them to inspire others.

I am truly thankful for the many hands & hearts to open my blog post to see, appreciate and to drop in a comment for my creation and for CG to continue it's journey. Thank you all.

Not to forget to mention here, again it was a wonderful feeling for me to conduct a workshop on table-styling just before V-day. It was a fun session with participants enjoying & taking home some tips with them. There was a question from someone after arranging the table with Plates, dishes and elements...Where do we keep the serving bowls and how do we eat... the table is full with elements? I simply said I don't know.:))))   

Created a Purple table for the 300th post with sand paper vine blooms from our garden and with Lily napkin folds with matte finish Pinkish Velvet runner and with faux Rose buds to adorn the folds to say Spring is on it's way and lets welcome it.
'Always go with your passion, Never ask yourself if it's realistic or not'......Deepak Chopra

                         Enjoy your passion & enjoy blogging

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Thursday, 13 February 2020

Valentaine's day table for Gal pal's:)))

                           'Wishing Everyone A Lovely Valentines Day'

This year Valentines day table at CG is all about girls V-day table. I focused on setting a table to show love & affection and how valuable a friendship to best of best friends.

I was inspired to set the table with girl's favorite color palette pink  and with fresh flowers & candles. Placing pretty floral patterned plates and frock fold napkins tied around with a tiny purple heart to show it is Valentines day Friendship Fete among girls. 

The table covering a burlap spread with lace edged looked special for the occasion. A box with pink bow on the lid with candies , and a straw bag with a red rose and gift inside a gesture to surprise dear friends.

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