Thursday, 24 May 2018

Cool start:)))

   There are plenty of easy summer special cold drink recipe for summer home lovers  in the kitchen to try. Treating themselves or the guests with smoothies, lassies, cold drinks, milk shakes, ice creams with different fruit flavors are wonderful during summer days. As many  people accept that a cold glass of lassie is just the right thing for a warm day.
    Mangoes the delicious fruit and weakness to most during summer offers different recipes from pickles to delicious drinks in our part of world. Preparing mango lassie and creating a setting with it was order of the day for me. Placing the glasses on a ice cube filled plate looked cool. Some yellow flowers from the garden gave a finishing look to the setting as well. The drink is easy to make and yummy to drink.  You too can try this for a gathering or for yourself. Enjoy your summer drink.

Fresh chopped ripe mango pieces: 2 cups
Fresh yogurt or curd: 2 cups
Fresh cream: 2 to 3 tablespoons
Cardamom powder: 1/2 tablespoon
Sugar or honey: As required
For garnishing: Mango cubes or crushed dry nuts

1. Peel and cut the mangoes to pieces.
2. In a mixer, pulp the mangoes along with sugar or honey and cardamom powder.
3. Add chilled yogurt and cream. Run the mixer for few seconds till everything is mixed well and smooth.
4. Pour the mango lassie in glasses and serve garnished with mango cubes or crushed nuts. 

For thin consistency add milk to the mango lassie while blending. 

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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

A Table with bit of Joy&Sorrow!!!

     After slipping into a small mourning break for the loss of a elderly uncle in the family I am back to my favorite zone. I wanted the mourning days to pass quietly as it is a known fact, not to get indulge in any kind of happy moments or activities except pray for the soul to rest in peace. :(((( the saying goes that happiness comes in many forms and today I share my happiness with you all by expressing it for the milestone of CG.  Six years have gone by and Crystal Grandeur manifests it's 250th post.
   Sharing my passion and spending time for the blog on table-settings, on decors, on recipes, gardening and on write -ups all together  a total experience and a pure delight for me. Blogroll.... a space to get inspire and to inspire. A big plus of being surrounded by talented and energetic bloggers that turned fellow bloggers into friends and friends into blogging family. With responsibilities, with demand of time and with the never ending story of house hold is the place & an opportunity for me to share my interest in a most meaningful way. As well tower of joy to do so. I thank everyone for the constant visit and for readership at CG that motivates my return to do more and do well. 
  When it comes to laying a table for a milestone eventuality we give in extra care & touch to bring out the best.  I chose a plain glassware set from my collection and a white cake inscribed with name on top 'Crystal grandeur' to  adore with which I wish to share my happiness & observance. Also happy to dedicate this table to the departed soul who was in all means a Father figure to the entire family and his caring gesture & affectionate words sure to endmost with us.   

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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Summer Table Is Here To Say Hello:))

   Summer arrived here almost with a bang. The days are getting hotter and people are reaching out for coolers and Ac's. In table setting scene too obviously it's time to bring out cool summer colors,  finding sweet spots and pulling up chairs for out door settings to enjoy a meal with your nearest & dearest. 
  There is no better way to set a summer table than bringing out your blue wares and combine them with white, pink  and colorful flowers. No going wrong with these combinations which complement each other. 
   Here is a table created keeping in mind for summer holidays and complete relaxation. The different shades of blue wares with mix of white serviette and pretty floral napkin rings a gift from my dear niece and blooms of colorful flowers in the middle gives the season's look.


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