Friday, 16 August 2019

Summer Table Talk:))

It's been quite a while I did a coffee table styling this season. Since Summer decors occupying most of the blog posts page on blog front doing a setting with Blue & white wasn't that difficult. The feel of Summer (warmth) always part of our region. I wonder reading in blog posts how people enjoy Summer, Sunshine, Brightness and warmth and here it is always the other way round. We look forward for chilly, colder, cloudy,  moody weather. As this is the case here sharing a simple Summer coffee table styling was fun.
 Adding potted Green to a styling gives pep to any decor. A casket style Bonsai plant looked pretty along the Blue and White dishes. Burning soft yellow lights in the evening gives a sense of coziness & solace and I never miss lighting them.   

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Wednesday, 24 July 2019

A Smiley Table:))

    Hello.....Nice to get back to blogging after a short break. Sometime something hold us back from doing our favorite things.This year the Summer was too hot to describe and even it curtailed from doing things, my blogging too. Just the weather is getting better with sky  opening up for little showers cooling the earth & hearts of people. Right now water is the major concern in our city as well in our country and everyone hoping to have a good monsoon in water starved states. 
    The other day the beautiful Yellow blooms in the market caught my eyes and picking up a bunch and placing them along curry leave fruits looked lovely. A Yellow Summer table with smiley, cheery cups is for the blog, me, you and everyone.:)))    

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Thursday, 27 June 2019

Nautical touch Blue & White Table:)

Summer inspired Blue, White & Red table with a nautical touch sail boat napkin fold.  Adding bunch of freshly picked Red bell peppers placed inside a charming blue jar looked both fresh and organic in the middle. A holiday table with holiday colors refreshing to the eyes could be set inside, outside in the garden, patio, porch wherever you like and simply say to the guest ' Glad to have you here'. 

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