Thursday, 22 January 2015

My Wish Table:):)

Our Birthday to us means it's "our day" along with the greetings, gifts and best wishes that we receive from our near and dear ones...... and also the little things that we like do on this day that gives us a lot of happiness too.

Everyone has their favourite things that they'd like to do in life along with unfulfilled wishes too. I  have a few wishes and think I can fulfil them sometime. Expressing these wishes through a table scape was fun and new. I created my wish table on my birthday (20th Jan) and it gave a special touch to my birth day along with the other memorable things. 

A Fragrance is one of the few art forms that can remain totally silent but can create a major impact and have the ability to evoke a memory or emotion without speaking a word. A Perfume can say thousand things. I wish that one day I could create my own signature scent by mixing my favourite fragrance mixers at the worlds perfume capital....France. To show this, I have placed cute little perfume bottles on the table.  

Apples and orange gardens are natures beauty and  there is one word that describes the feeling of being amid a lush green garden is Paradise. Visiting a apple or an orange garden could be a heart throbbing, spectacular and memorable visit ever. I wish I could visit them one day in Kashmir.

Who wouldn't love flowers? Flowers are symbol of joy and harmony. My wish is to visit the Tulip garden (Holland)  when it is in full bloom and the valley of flowers in Himalayas.

Taj Mahal is jewel in India's architectural diadem. A labour of love she is dazzling at noon, warm and glowing at dusk, soft and ethereal in the moon light like the varying moods of a beautiful woman. It's a object of world's admiration and symbol of India. Visiting Taj Mahal on a moon lit night would be romantic and I wish to visit Taj on a full moon night all by myself. Hope my wishes comes true...:):)   

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hot soup for a chill evening:)

Hello....Happy to meet you all once again in 2015 at blog land. Hope all welcomed  2015 in grand manner. It is wonderful to see many sharing their beautiful tables and other decor posts in their blogs. This is my first post this year.

I had two surprises this New year in blog land as Marty of 'Stroll Thru Life' and Karin of 'The Style Sisters' featuring my New Year table  in their blogs. It was a lovely feeling and I am glad.

These are the days of chill weather here  and it also encourages you to have a cup of hot tea or bowl of hot soup in the evenings.  The season also allows you to see beautiful colourful flowers all around you. The flower shops and the markets are flooded with pretty flowers and you are tempted to pick few of them when you go out. I was delighted to see and buy the cheery big yellow Chrysanthemum which I used for my soup table setting. 

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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Welcome 2015 :):)

Hello dear friends.....It's wonderful to see, in our blog land, the colourful photos of Christmas and heart warming merry little stories of celebrating Christmas with family and friends gathered around the Christmas tree. Truly, the celebration of Christmas and New year's eve, lifts our spirits, where ever we may be in this beautiful world. 

And just in few hours another year comes to an end and it's time for us to bid good bye to 2014. As a blogger, I am happy and satisfied to have done 55 posts in 2014. It's a year of creativity and mixed emotions and I am thankful to Almighty.

Lets  welcome the New Year in grand manner,  may 2015 usher in peace, luck, cheer and joy for everyone. 

As we close the year , everyone knows... a quiet refined dinner at home is ideal because home is one place in this world that we can truly make our own.

Setting a white table for the New Year was very exciting for me as I used the silver rimmed porcelain and transparent glass plates. The white carnation flowers looked beautiful, in the middle.  Boot shaped sherry glasses along with the vinegar and oil cruets looked good on the table too. 

                                                 Happy New Year to all :)

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