Thursday, 20 July 2017

A Touch Of Nostalgia:)

The decor trends in interiors and in fashion industry change from time to time. Decor & fashion houses, magazines exhibit the changing trends of present time. Also decor enthusiasts have much to look forward and speak about the changing trends on home decors, fashion etc. However as trends change, certain things never go out of style like mixing the old and the new. Speaking about home decors it is always wonderful to have one's own touch and style that is well appreciated by others. Blending wall colors, blending of furniture's, mixing the collectibles from vintage/heirlooms in decors during changing season fulfills one's desire to have a beautiful home.

A unique blend of the old & the new in home decors provides a perfect ambiance to unwind. Mixing the old & the new was at all time in fashion when it comes to decor affair. There's something nostalgic about vintage/heirloom pieces and incorporating them to your decor style is always grand. It is a kind of bringing the past to the present with stories cocooned around them. What's equally true is that nothing compares using a vintage/heirloom piece dear to you to get a unique decor. 

Longing for some change in decor by mixing the old & the new this season? Here we go can let your imagination to run & rock by bringing out vintage elements from cupboard like the caskets, bottles, fabrics etc to create a cohesive design for your coffee table, dressing table, side board or even for an evening tea gathering.

Enjoy your decor splendor with your touches by mixing the old & the new in cozy little corners of your home.

I  brought out my heirloom  pieces for this post to use them for three different decor styles. 

"Havenly, an online interior design house inspired me to bring the old world charm decor with lot of memories attached.

      A old Bonsai tree tells it's story of growing in that little pot. 

The tiny little wooden box with fine work of ivory carvings on the lid is more than sixty years old and given to me by my mother. For the teascape i used it as a tea sachet holder.Placing it on a old book looked pretty. The book which is sixty five years old from my father's collection of books. 

The money box from my in laws home is quiet old ( Eighty plus years) as well. Using it for a bar decor on a side board created an eye catching display. The divided space inside the money box allowed the bar  accessories like the cocktail shaker, measuring cups, cork opener, bottle opener and a Swiss knife to fit in. The round old mirror with the brass edge( 30 years) a old buy of us came handy to place the decanters. As a kid my hubby has played with the money box putting coins & little toys. 

        The English make cork opener not less than 90 years old

The pretty sandalwood jewelry box with fine work of Taj Mahal impression a class apart . It speaks by itself  the Indian craftsmanship. Dear to us and it is more than eighty years old. It is handed over to us from my in laws home.  

            The pretty silver box quiet a beauty on a dressing table.  

                        I used a vintage bottle as a brush holder. 

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Friday, 7 July 2017

Happy Table:))))

Last year in September I did a post saying that my out door/in door cat (Tabby) went missing for over a month, I am heart broken not seeing him and wish to see him soon at our door step. There were consoling comments from blog friends too. The good news is exactly after a year of his disappearance he came back last week fragile, scared, confused with different voice and was hiding in the terrace garden. Omg my heart thumped seeing him and prayed that he should be the same fellow. Yes...he is the same guy who disappeared due to some territorial issues with other cats of the area. It's wonderful to see him  and I thank God for bringing him back to us. 

I created a happy table to mark his home coming with a big bunch of flowers, sweets and fruits on the table. I liked the moody sky too today as it gives moody photo opportunities which adds warm color & glow to the candle.  

                                                   Sleepy Cat on the Sofa:))

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Friday, 30 June 2017

A Gardenscape with a Summer drink:)

It's holiday time and spending some pleasurable time in kitchen to prepare a delightful summer drink  is fun as well. Preparing a shrub is perfect for holidays and holiday outing. A shrub is a traditional Arab cordial and were popular few centuries ago and are making a come back again.As we know a shrub is based on a fruit syrup using fruits like strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes and red currants.

To prepare a strawberry shrub all that is needed.....strawberries: 3lb (1.4kg) Granulated sugar, Citric acid. This makes about 850 ml of syrup.

Sterilize the bottle tops by boiling them in water for 15 minutes. Make sure the strawberries are clean, shell them and put them into a pan. Heat gently, stirring continuously, and bringing slowly to the boil. Boil for 1 minute, crushing large pieces of fruit with wooden spoon. Strain the fruit through clean muslin cloth till the last drop of  juice. 

Measure the juice into large, clean jug. Add 12oz (350g) sugar to each pint (570ml) of juice.  Stir to dissolve the sugar. If necessary, heat the juice and sugar gently until the sugar dissolves. Add 1 level teaspoon of citric acid for each pint(570ml) of juice that was measured. 

Pour the syrup into the screw-top glass bottles. Leave 3/4 (20mm) of headspace on each bottle to allow room for expansion. Screw the sterilized tops on loosely. This allows the air to escape. Put a folded newspaper into bottom of  a preserving pan or a large deep saucepan, and place the filled bottles on top of the paper. Pour cold water into the pan until it comes just above the level of the syrup in the bottles.  Simmer for about 20 minutes. The temperature of the water should be about 88 degree C (190 degree F).

Remove the bottles gently using hand gloves (heatproof) and place them on a wooden board. Screw the tops tightly & immediately. Leave it to cool. Store them in a dark cool place. Homemade fruit syrups will keep up for years. However once opened  it should be kept in refrigerator and consumed within ten days. 

How the shrub is served? Put a good full tablespoon of syrup into a tall glass and dilute with hot or cold water or with soda to taste. Strawberry shrub froths up when mixed with soda and the suds subsides leaving a sparkling summer drink.  Enjoy your summer with a home made summer drink with family and friends:))

 For placing the drink stirrer i used a pretty crystal vase and that looked pretty and went well with the setting.

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