Saturday, 26 July 2014

Lighting Scenes

Light is the primary requisite of life.The impact of the lighting is most evident when the sun goes down.It is also one of the basic requirement in decorating a room.Proper lighting along with beautiful fixtures brings life and glamor to a room at night.We all know that lighting during festive occasions creates an atmosphere of cheer,gaiety and excitement around us.
I love to use soft yellow lights around the house which is visually pleasing.When remodeling our home we gave lot of importance for the lighting system considering the function,safety and beauty.Sharing here few photos of using lights in some areas of two different homes of us at different times........Thank you for your visit....:):) 

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

A Table Decor With Lilies..:):)

Hello everyone....Nice to get back to the scene  to meet you all with a table decor after a small absence.It's wonderful to arrange a table by the bay window on a bright day along with a vase containing the irresistible yellow  Lilies.The Lilies were my inspiration for the table and i know the colour along with the scent creates a nostalgic atmosphere and it conveys too that the summer has not yet gone.

It's always a pleasure using the soft green palette for the table.The bowls are my very old buy and i am happy to use them here for the setting.My long time desire was to do a table with corns and i could full fill it in this table scape.The beautiful light green vase is a gift from my friend who visited and met after a gap of ten years.Thank you for your visit...:):)    

                                                                                                              Photography:Sujatha Pratap..:)
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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Celebration by the Sea Side.....:):)

Hi there..Everyone.....I share here photos of our 25th Wedding Anniversary, which we celebrated a few years ago at a beach resort. The day also sees our elder son Prashanth's birthday. Our idea was to celebrate it at our hometown Chennai/Madras with family and close friends.We narrowed the venue down to a beach resort outside the city on the East Coast Road (ECR) along the Bay of Bengal. The East Coast Road is charming due to its soulful ambiance, leisurely atmosphere along  with availability of terrific food, giving a different world at the waters edge wonderful for a romantic rendezvous. It was indeed a memorable day, celebrating by the sea as everyone enjoyed and wished us.

Since it was our Silver Jubilee Anniversary, we chose a colour theme of silver and white. We ordered for a three layered white cake which had touches of silver and a bouquet of white roses to adorn the table. The give away gifts for the guests were tiny little white doves wrapped in a silver paper put in a small silver paper bags. A bottle of champagne was opened to mark this day of double celebrations. It was indeed an evening to remember and it goes down in memory lane

The calm sea in the photo gives an impression that the waters are quiet. But, in fact just forty days earlier to the anniversary, the resort was badly hit by the devastating tsunamis which also hit countries like Thailand,Indonesia, Sri lanka and some parts of Africa..The beach resort was badly hit by the Tsunami but luckily no one lost their life. Before the third huge wave which was as tall as three stories high arrived, everyone escaped from the resort. The sand looks blackish in the photo as a result of the tsunami.

Give away gifts to the guests

                                                               Silver colored balloons
Me all decked up in white and in silver jewellery

                                                     A cute little guest having his share of fun

                                                                Thank you
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