Sunday, 23 March 2014

Fabric Talk....:):)

The story of fabric spans many eras and includes changing tastes, textures, designs and it has always moved with the times, reflecting style and the technologies.
It's always wonderful to see colourful fabrics and its even more wonderful a feeling when you buy them, for use or to create something out of them.

India has always been known for it's textile industry and has the pride of possessing some of the most unique fabrics, coming from its different regions. One such fabric is the brocade of Benares, a luxurious and one of the most desired fabrics of all time. Beside the River Ganges and it's temples, Benaras has been the centre of fine textile weaving industry for at least two millennia and continues to reign supreme in the field of  weaving.

Travelers from all over the world, have recorded their astonishment, the extraordinary sophistication of technique and design. Mrs. Colin Mackinzie a traveler to Benares in 1847 said 'Here I sit in one of the richest manufactures home at Baneras and bales of the most magnificent  gold and silver stuff called kinkob were unrolled before me and I do not suppose any European brocade equal them'.

Handed down through the generations, textures, techniques, designs and colours are imprinted in the DNA of the master weavers who transform yarn into textiles. Brocades with intricate designs using gold and silver threads became the specialty of Benaras. I am happy to add a pretty brocade material to my collection.

Here is a beautiful golden brocade fabric (From Benares) for  cushion covers with golden tassels for a festive collection.


Hand woven wonders

Beautiful hand woven bed spreads with long tassels add charm to the bed on a sunny day.
                                    Hand looms can be heir loom pieces always

Easy to care hand loom fabrics are wonderful to use and the splash of  pretty colors on the fabric do  the magic for floor cushions.

Beautiful floral print fabrics for my spring collection

Velvets for an old world charm

When you think of Scotland, you think of Tartans a beloved textile and one of world's favorite fabrics. Ralph Lauren to numerous other designers have used the plaid for their own creations. I am happy to use the humble cloth in my creation which is now a global symbol.
                    Laces are few of my favorite things.                      

Geometric prints for all seasons

                                                    A pretty cloth with an English motif                     
Beautiful green satin cloth and a printed silk brocade for a festive collection

The fabrics are waiting in line for the masters cut.

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Green Touch Table...:):)

Mid March is the time one gets to witness the beautiful palette of green touch the tables of everyone's posts. Glancing at the green tables makes you feel refreshed and inspired. It's always a nice feeling to bring the green elements together to create a table for an occasion like St. Patrick's day. I have created a green table by using a velvet linen with leafy print, for all of those who celebrate this day. The high light of the table is placing of stemware with hand painted Henna designs. It looks charming on the table and is from a charming collection for my Home label.

       'Wishing Everyone A Happy and Fun filled St. Patrick's Day'

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Friday, 21 February 2014

A Warm Welcome to the Crystal Grandeur Label...:):)

A warm welcome to everyone who clicked to view this post. This is my 77th post  for Crystal Grandeur and its been two years with you all, and as usual, creating this post has been bright and beautiful for me.

With the new found freedom of experimenting and expressing my creations boldly on my blog, I can say 2012 and 2013 have been pleasurable and action packed years for me.

This gave me the confidence and faith to take things a little further in the field of designing, and so in 2014 I have decided to create my own Home Label.

Crystal Grandeur is the four seasons Home Collection with an urban touch, which includes a choice of home accessories like Bed Linens, Throw Pillow Covers, Dining Accessories, Curios to charm every nook and corner & help keep your home in style.

My idea to have this label started with the encouragement from friends, family and most importantly the complimentary comments that I received regularly for my creations, from the other beautiful bloggers from different parts of the world.

Without further ado, Crystal Grandeur shows a few items from the various Seasonal Collections, for your opinion. If you have liked this selection of items for the Four Season's Collections do post a comment to help me to go ahead with my home label. I look forward to hear from my fellow bloggers,followers who follow Crystal Grandeur, friends and well wishers.

Thank you for your love, and support....:):):)


A leaf from the designer's Notebook - 

Items for my Inaugural Spring / Summer Collection

1. Like a pretty scarf for your neckline or a Velvet bow in your hair, decorative pillows are soft and can, in a moment, change the entire mood of a room. A Tulip print cushion cover for a warm summer days...

2. Beautiful ceramic candle votive's for any  day of any season  brings sereneness to your home.

3. The ceramic mugs with a soothing blue are beautiful for a sunny evening.

4. As we all know, material pleasures are a fine blend of pattern and palette. I've gone on to select an awesome jute fabric with satin edging for a lovely bed spread.

5. Someone said think of your bed linen as an extension of your wardrobe, choose colours that you love and always stick to natural fibers like hundred percent cotton, linen or silk. Here is a pure cream cotton fabric ready to get transformed into a beautiful bed spread.

A good laugh and a long sleep are the Best cures in the doctors book....Irish proverb...:)

6. Add instant glamor to the bath room with lace trimmed towels and flowery bath oil bottles...

7.The ceramic birds are charming and gives your home a cheery look.

Items for my Autumn Collection - 

8.Enjoy your hot soup in your leafy bowl to brighten a dull fall's day.

9.The seasons brightest colour, the zesty orange to pep you up.

My passion. Your luxury...:):)

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