Friday, 20 May 2016

Summer Rainy coffee table:)))

Dear friends...Hope all of you are enjoying the summer season and ensuring that the time is well spent with your summer activities, travels etc.Month May is peak of summer here and the temperature soars to 40+Celsius. With long school holidays  families get away to cooler destinations to beat the heat. To our surprise this week there was a dip in temperature and we were caught in the sudden down pour of summer rains. Rain is always refreshing and brings cheers. With pleasant weather around, at times one becomes creative too. A rainy coffee table made in corner of the bed room brought in warmth to a chilly and a gloomy day. Bringing in the bone China floral plates along with the new  kettle set and a English antic porcelain cookie carry  box (usually used for picnics) which I picked long time ago from a antic bazaar gave the corner a cozy look with a candle lit on. 

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Friday, 13 May 2016

A Quick Set Table:)))

Some time when guests arrive unexpected we become panicky for preparing a meal or to set a table as we have not planned for it.  A summer setting with white wares adding a fresh palm leaf or any foliage from your garden can become handy and adds charm to your unplanned quick set table. Sharing here a simple table, styling with  white wares, palm leaf pattern place mat and a tender palm leaf . For sure your emergency entertainment would become a memorable one.  

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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Blue Mothers Day Table:))

It's wonderful to celebrate Mothers Day with your mother by your side. A beautiful table dedicated to her is cherish-able and go down your memory lane. Doing a table in my mothers memory among the beautiful flowers and with back drop of a lemon tree in our garden was a nice feeling. The table with blue looked soothing attached with memories of my mother. Lemons brought back the memory of her making awesome lemon pickle. Still miss the taste of  it.  Color blue made me to remember her buying me a beautiful long blue mirror work skirt as a small girl. Memories of her always stay with me as long as i live.  On this day I thank her for being a wonderful mother to me. 
                    Wishing everyone a beautiful mothers day.    

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Friday, 29 April 2016

Pattern talk:)

My passion for interiors and getting engaged in various styling activities over the years has given me immense satisfaction. 
While the trend and the style statement in interior vary from time to time all that we look forward is comfort and tastefully done decors. My mantra 'Live comfortably while you live comfortably with in your means'.

"While taking a look on wall coverings trends,visiting: 'Laurel and wolf ' on line interior design firm fascinated me for their nature inspired themes (Banana leaf, Palm leaf prints)on wall papers and accessories." Nature inspired wall coverings on botanical themes are always a fast fashion fix that can add style and architectural interest to any room. The soft touch decorative pillows or cushions with banana leaf , palm leaf prints on your couch can be extra inviting, super comfortable and change the entire mood of a room in a moment. 

It's pleasure to say that these natures designs are a fine blend of pattern and palette that reflects a unique and enduring sense of style. And also the green  palette takes us close to nature for the belief that  many live in  the world of concrete jungle and miss the touch of nature. 

Mixing these pattern to your decor for a home, pent house styling, beach house or a farm house can be appealing, absolute fun and like never before reflect your own sense of style with expression of freedom. 

My idea of incorporating these  patterns would be with color combinations of light green, white and light pink. One portion of the wall could be covered with wall papers of these prints and other three walls be painted either with the colors of white, light green and light pink. It gives the room a sophisticated look with proper arrangement of lighting and furnishing. 

A sitting room styled with pleasing palm prints curtains,wall papers and nature inspired cushion covers along with beautiful pieces of furniture enhances the beauty of the room. The two becomes inseparable and they complement each other so perfectly.

The exotic tropical banana leaf pattern adores the  wall of a striking bathroom.  

 A kitten cools it's heels on a couch with the beautiful back drop of banana leaf prints.    

                     Cane furniture's goes well with the wall decors.

I am passionate about table-settings and styling a table with palm print table mat and a fresh tender palm leaf on a bright summer day looks good.   

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