Saturday, 16 August 2014

Celebrating The Birth Of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna a Hindu God for all seasons, was a precocious mischief maker, a slayer of monstrous demons, a challenger of ancient Gods, a victor over the force of evil and a passionate lover to inspire souls. His devotees regard him as an incarnation of Vishnu the God who protects us from destruction and sustains peace. The birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated with different beliefs and  different names all over India at this time of the year. In Tamil Nadu (South India) it is celebrated as 'Gokulashtami'. Here the floors of the homes are decorated with foot prints made from rice flour to symbolise Baby Krishna's child hood sport of stealing butter from the neighbourhood homes.

In the state of Maharashtra the Lords birth is celebrated as 'Janmaastami'. The celebration is marked with events like 'Dahi Handi' which is played on the streets by young men who form a human pyramid and the top most person breaks a earthen pot tied high, filled with curd or butter milk. This recreates the playful mischievous side of Krishna in his younger days.

During the day people fast and stay awake till mid night and sing devotional songs the time when Baby Krishna is believed to have been born. The day also sees babies, young girls and boys dresses up like baby Krishna and gifts are given to them.

Throughout Krishna's life, that is, right from his birth, he faced all kinds of threats and difficulties from various quarters. However he  always lived a colourful life with a smile and with great love for humanity which includes animal kingdom as well.He is also found inseparable with the music instrument Flute and the  music he played from his flute has not only brought human beings but also animals and birds close to him.Krishna a mature hero who spoke the great lessons of the 'Bhagavad Gita'.

The moral that we learn from the life of Krishna is to be in love with all the creatures in the world, despite all the difficulties that you face in your personal life.   

A decorative bronze statue of Lord Krishna during the celebrations.

Foot print made out of rice flour


Radha (above) has been inextricably associated with Lord Krishna. Radha's love for the irresistibly handsome Krishna was widely a spoken subject through history.

Radha says to Krishna on a moon lit night: I have been constructed by someone, out of half of your body. Therefore there is no difference between us, and my heart is in you. Just as my self, heart and life has been placed in you, So has your self, heart and life been placed in mine..... 

Story of Lord Krishna:

According to the legend, Lord Krishna was born to Devaki and Vasudeva in a prison house where the King Kansa, who was afraid of the infant, because it was foretold that the infant would be his future destroyer, confined his parents.

Later Krishna was carried to the house of a cowherd chief, Nanda. There he grew up with cowherds with whom he was very friendly. He came to be regarded as God incarnate, as the result of number of miracles which he performed.

Krishna's early life tells of foster mother Yashoda's, wife of cowherd chief Nanda, love for him. It tells of his cowherd friends, and the love of the cowherd girls for him.

In the final attempt to destroy Krishna, King Kansa invites Krishna to a festival of games, where he tries to kill Krishna with a savage elephant. Lord Krishna kills the elephant and the King Kansa. The Gods above express their joy at the evil rulers defeat by showering petals down from heaven to Lord Krishna. 

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Thursday, 14 August 2014

My Nation,My Salute...:):)

On the eve of India's sixty-eighth Independence Day I am happy to present a tiny table scape with India's tricolour flag as a salad on a plate to honour the day ... It is indeed proud moment for any one,  to see their country's Flag flying in their own country or any part of the world.

India is a country with so many religious and ethnic groups, so much cultural diversity ... over 350 languages, more than 1,600 dialects, nearly 650 different tribes and with different food habits every few kilometres ... yet India is one country!

We regained the freedom to be what we are, to live the way we want to be. And the freedom had been the hallmark of this great region. India gave the concept of zero to the world. She gave the game of chess, algebra, trigonometry and calculus. She gave the world its first university, the early school of medicine and she gave four religions to the world. She nurtures hundreds of Mosques, Churches, Gurdwaras and Temples. The list is endless and unparalleled. It's India and I Salute her ... Jai Hind... :):) 

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Monday, 11 August 2014

Festivals and Flowers..:):)

Hi there .... In my last post I mentioned that i intend to  feature the festivals of India of the coming months at Crystal Grandeur.This post is about the flowers used during the festivals.Flowers play an important role in celebrations. All kinds of fragrant and non fragrant colourful flowers, of various sizes, are sold in the markets. These flowers are used for various  purposes during festivals at temples,homes and other places es as well.

I am sharing here, photos of the flower market from our city (Chennai/Madras) which I happened to visit one day before the sunrise. The flowers comes from different regions of Tamil Nadu and it is wonderful to see all kinds of flowers sold under one roof.The market was bustling with early morning business and it was amazing to see flowers wherever you turned your head. It was like swimming in sea of flowers. I clicked these shots during the visit. Hope you too enjoy walking around the market.....:):)   

Colorful Daisey's

Roses in different colours

Red and Orange Wild Roses

Celosia Argentea --- We call it 'Koli Kondai'

Couroupita guianensis---We call it Nagalingam

Beautiful Pink Lotus
Heap of White lotus buds
Water Lillies

Colourful mixed flowers tied in the strings
Jasmine the beautiful white flowers are every woman's love. Here women like to wear it in their plaits for its unique fragrance. It's part of the hair do. Buyer's from the famous Fashion Houses (including Christian Dior, Chanel) in Paris, France, visit Madurai, Tamil Nadu to select flowers to include in their World Famous Perfumes..

Seller with Roses.

Garlands are used for Various Ceremonial Purposes.

Tender crafted Palm Leaves make unique pieces for decoration.(For entrance doors)

Tulsi and Mango Leaves used for Ceremonial Purposes

                                                                  A seller with her sell

Grass used for Ceremonial Purposes

Betel Leaf used for Ceremonial Purposes.

Heap of Betel Leaves in a basket.

The green pumpkins are broken on the streets as evil eye remover at temples, and by shop vendors at the end of the day 
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