Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Table for a Snow Day


 It has been a wonderful week for me with many nice happenings. Sunday the 20th was my birthday and I received wishes from my near & dear ones. This is my 50th post for my blog Crystal Grandeur. Another pleasant surprise  seeing my 'Horse Drawn Memories' post getting featured in Marty's (A Stroll Thru Life) 150th  party features. Being in a happy mood & with Valentines Day around the corner, I present this tables cape about a winter love story.

 The name Paris conjures up images of Beauty, Love, Romance, Perfume, Wine, Cheese, Fashion, Art, Movies, Architecture, A teeming night life, Sidewalk Coffee Cafes, Tree lined boulevards, French Cuisine, A boat ride on the river Seine (There exists a a belief that a kiss under an old bridge makes your wish come true.), the Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge & so  many to mention. For many, Paris is a dream destination, and for those that have visited this wonderful place, there is a yearning to go back 

The crisp air of incredible Paris is filled with Romance and Love. We have read stories and seen movies where young men and women, express words from their heart, for a life time commitment, in gay parie :) Though we don't experience snow here at the city of Chennai (Madras), a city so close to the equator, my heart always desired to do a snow tables cape. I'm glad I got an opportunity to do one for Cuisine Kathleen's Snow Winter Table Challenge. This scape is about a young man with a bouquet of flowers waiting near the Eiffel tower on a snow filled day to meet & propose to his beloved. 

It is a romantic table for two on a snow and love filled day in Paris. Hope you all like it....

...The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched.
They must be felt with the heart.
                                                                                                                                               - Helen Keller
Bon Appetite

White Flower Sugar Candies

Woolen Clothed Doll used as Napkin Holder

The boy found the girl. And happily ever they lived....:):):) Merci.

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Friday, 11 January 2013

Horse Drawn Memories

Time and the fragrance of seasons bring back sweet memories of the past .. Memories which feature walks down the seaside, cycling around the lake on misty mornings or the rain, picnics and other memories too many to mention.

The cold foggy mornings of January remind me of taking a drive to the race course for the horse riding lessons that my son took as a young boy. There is certain charm in spending time near beautiful and gentle horses and surely you will agree that the sound of the gallop is the thing of beauty. 

Spending time near the gentle beasts while having breakfast was always fun and enjoyable with the family. I am sharing with you a tablescape which features my little porcelain pony dolls and a lot of sweet memories of the past.

Those yellow fruits perched on the Smiley faced mug aren't in fact fruits. No, they aren't lemons or calamondin oranges, they are in fact Aubergines which turned yellow, because I forget to pluck them in time and so they over ripened. The porcelain pony doll is on a horse shoe I found on one of my visits.

Hope you have a happy smiley day :):):)

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