Friday, 26 September 2014

Shakti and Nature

Love and Respect for Nature is inherent in our culture and across the world ever since civilizations came into existence. A tree is perhaps natures best gift to mankind. Worshipping trees and relating them to our lives is a unique tradition of our value system. The worship of the tree links us with the Natures spirit. A tree is a mother earth's creativity and it has Shakti. A Tree restores balance by its positive force and though it doesn't have a mind of its own it has the cosmic heart of the universe.

Since Durga Puja occurs during the Autumn harvest, the Goddesses is associated with plant fertility and is symbolic of growth. The Neem tree is the favourite of Goddesses Durga. Neem purifies the air we breath and is a source for healing. The other avatar of  Goddesses, Ma Kali's favourite flower is the dramatically beautiful  red Hibiscus.

The scene today looks gloomy with deforestation and the cutting of trees. Creating a respectful attitude towards nature is a must and one has to believe that our survival depends upon the survival of Nature. The attitude of protecting nature must come from our inner self.

As Buddha put it, a tree offers protection and shade even to the wood cutters who destroys it. Therefore, every tree is worthy of god-like reverence and worship. Lets save trees and teach the younger generation the importance of Nature. 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Cosmic Queen- Durga!!!!

The Divine Mother's Magic
is ancient as life itself.
She existed before gods and mortals,
and she will exist even after the great dissolution.
Mother is pure energy in subtle form,
but in times of need
or just out of desire to play, She manifests.

I am fond of this time of the year, and anticipate it, as, we welcome the Cosmic Queen, the Mother, the daughter Durga. To many she is  Maa and to some she is the daughter. The divine Mother Durga is ever blissful.

The worship of Durga during Autumn is widely known. The festival of Durga which falls during the time of harvest, thus associates her with plants and the nourishment of her powers of fertility. 

Like the colourful season autumn, the colourful festival with many different beliefs and myths is celebrated with love across the country.

I love the various characters of Durga, from the gentle young wife, to the daughter who is in need of family tenderness as she arrives and is taken care of, till she returns to her husbands home far away. 

The festival days are ones of intimacy between the devotee and the Goddess who is understood to have made a long journey to dwell at homes of those who worship her. To the devotee, Durga is seen as a returning daughter who lives a difficult life far away from home. During the celebration many cherish her as a tender daughter who has returned home on her annual visit. Therefore, she is welcomed warmly to the homes and is given every comfort. 

A feminine festival, it is associated with many colours, like yellow (haldi) red (vermilion & alta) orange (mehendi), and various other colours of bangles as seen adorned on the hands of women at this time of the year. The colours of the rainbow seen during the festival, adds magic to the air.Let people welcome her in what ever  form they love to welcome her.

Happy Navrathri

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Black & White :))

This week has been good so far, and I have been preparing for the Navratri celebrations which will be starting next week.

It was nice to do a  scape for the week using the colour of the season. This is the first time I am using black and white wares with two different center pieces.

In a beautiful black and white bowl I put the fresh white lotus blooms and also used a Moroccan lantern as the two different centre-pieces.

Which centre-piece do you prefer??? I would love to hear from you.

                                                               Thank you...:)

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Heaven on Earth....:)

The Navrathri (Nine Nights) festival is just round the corner. People gear up to celebrate it in best possible manner by indulging  in various activities like shopping, decoration of their home etc.It is a colourful festival celebrated for nine days across the country.Each state in India has  their own version of celebrating it. In Tamil Nadu it is celebrated by displaying colourful Gods idols (Golu) and other figurines at homes and people are invited on those nine days.It is all about prayers, gatherings, gifting one another, to dress up traditionally, dancing,  singing and eating.

There is so much encouragement for artisans during this festival.
Artisans from different districts of Tamil Nadu make the beautiful idols,dolls and toys made from clay,wood,ceramic and paper-mache for sale. It is a wonderful sight to see the colourful items lined up on the walk ways and  in shops for selling prior to the celebration.

It was fun capturing the colourful display of dolls from a famous street in Mylapore at Chennai/Madras.

 With chaotic traffic, humid weather and  noise all around Lord Vishnu takes a peaceful nap at a corner on a cardboard box

                                                 Colourful gift bags for the occasion

                                                                   Thank You.:)

Thursday, 11 September 2014

An Earthy Tone Fall Table

A warm, cosy, earthy tone for a fall table matching the season. I used the pine-cones and maize stalks for the centre piece. The frilled green leaves looked pretty with the stem-ware. Using the checked table linen and napkins gave a earthy tone to the setting. Happy fall to everyone.

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