Monday, 8 September 2014

Gone 75 years - 'Gone With The Wind'...:)

Margaret Mitchell's 'Gone with the Wind' which was made from book to film, is one of the most celebrated movies of all time. A popular film, in the history of cinema, it completes its 75th year this year. The movie is known for it's Casting, Costumes, Production Design, Music, Victor Fleming's direction, Vivian Leigh's performance, and for it's entertainment value. The movie is liked by people of all age groups across the world.

Watching Gone with the Wind is a pleasure to many and is for me as well. The beauty of the film is such that, one finds some new detail every time you view it. Along with the performances and other aspects, the lavish decor used in the film with the very best objects, furniture, paintings, fabrics, antiques makes one to fall in love with the movie.

The performance of Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O' Hara is most talked about. The beautiful actress had an Indian connection too. The famed actress was born on November 5th 1913 to an English stockbroker and his Irish wife in Darjeeling, India, with part of her childhood spent in Ootacamand or Ooty, a hill station in Tamil Nadu. She is said to have lived in India till age six. India was always on her mind and in the Autumn of 1964, Vivien made a trip to India for the first time since she left Darjeeling for England. Some of her letters highlight her Indian Adventure, the beauty of the people, the landscapes, and the culture. She wrote about her visit to Madras & Delhi and the delight in having seen the temples, rivers, the Himalayas with a close up look at Mt. Everest thanks to a ride on a Raj's plane. Vivien's upbringing in India greatly influenced her nature and she had a bit of that in her. Coming to India for her was like returning to her roots.

I am sharing here, pictures of the stunning decor from the movie "Gone With The Wind".

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