Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Heaven on Earth....:)

The Navrathri (Nine Nights) festival is just round the corner. People gear up to celebrate it in best possible manner by indulging  in various activities like shopping, decoration of their home etc.It is a colourful festival celebrated for nine days across the country.Each state in India has  their own version of celebrating it. In Tamil Nadu it is celebrated by displaying colourful Gods idols (Golu) and other figurines at homes and people are invited on those nine days.It is all about prayers, gatherings, gifting one another, to dress up traditionally, dancing,  singing and eating.

There is so much encouragement for artisans during this festival.
Artisans from different districts of Tamil Nadu make the beautiful idols,dolls and toys made from clay,wood,ceramic and paper-mache for sale. It is a wonderful sight to see the colourful items lined up on the walk ways and  in shops for selling prior to the celebration.

It was fun capturing the colourful display of dolls from a famous street in Mylapore at Chennai/Madras.

 With chaotic traffic, humid weather and  noise all around Lord Vishnu takes a peaceful nap at a corner on a cardboard box

                                                 Colourful gift bags for the occasion

                                                                   Thank You.:)


  1. What beautiful photos of all of those vibrant colors. Looks like an amazing celebration. laurie

  2. Wish I was there for those wonderful festivities with you and I'd buy so much of the wonderful things in your photos! Enjoy it my friend and thanks for sharing it with us!
    We are visiting our DD for her birthday so I'm not posting, I'm busy spending time with Alexandra.