Friday, 29 June 2012

For the Love of Blue and Pink

There is an old saying - good tea deserves a smart teapot, and people use pretty kettles to justify this saying. It is easy to get attracted to fine ceramic ware but getting hooked to blue ceramic ware is a special sort of love for many & I am no exception to it. This kettle was picked up at the first glance for its attractive irregular handle, its incredible intricate design & colour.

The colour Blue along with colour Pink is a great combination & along with some of my other blue table ware mixed in, both colours are used to give a tea scape of this nature, on a sunny day.

This Chinese porcelain tea pot has its own beauty and charm and can be used as a vase, if you take the lid off.

The beautiful pink flowers in bloom were picked up from the garden and went well with the scape. The Ixora flowers found in the tropical countries of the world, produce large clusters of tiny flowers in the summer with shades of white, deep red, pink, pale orange and yellow & they attract numerous butterflies and bees for the store of nectar in them

                                                     A 13th century Japanese monk said                                                    "Anywhere a person cultivates tea, long life will follow"

I am joining Cusine Kathleen

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Tea with Nature

As summer comes to an end, everyone eagerly awaits the arrival of the monsoon. Who wouldn't love the rains, bringing with it, the fresh smell of  the wet earth. As I was sipping my tea one evening in the garden, at a far end I could see fast moving dark clouds move towards an unknown destination to pour down their treasures .. Yes, a feast for a long waiting dry earth. Seeing lots of dragon flies buzzing around in the air and ants collecting their grains tells us of the soon to arrive rain.

It is always nice to watch up in the sky, a line of bats and flocks of cranes crossing paths in the evening sky ... As the cranes fly back to their nest after a day long find, while the bats head out for their night find. Amazing, One can say this is natures mood and celebration.

As the sun was getting ready to retire for the day, and with the sky still bright, a thought of doing a quick tea scape came to my mind before the deepening twilight could set in. As a result, I quickly took out my camera, and these pretty coloured flower print cup and saucers and white kettle to go with, and set a tea scape on the terrace garden. Hope you like it.

Cuisine Kathleen


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Out of Ordinary - Perfect Toast

Sometimes, to entertain, we mix the high and low, the costly and the found, the rare and the common to dress up things a little and set a marvelous table to have a perfect toast. No one will know the difference and guests always appreciate charming surprises.

I always believe in visual appeal and here by presenting a bread presentation combined with crisp white napkins, white table cloth with innovative white crockery from an all white-ware collection of mine and those little chefs added to the table - this all forms an eye catching and cheered up table.

The humble and the versatile bread, the simple sandwich and the sponge cake all go well together to form a spectacular display for special occasions and that will make you a very popular host too.



Serving soup from a beautiful tureen

Decorating a funky egg tray

The three divisions of this innovative crockery replaces the traditional bread basket

Cuisine Kathleen