Sunday, 18 August 2013

Saying It With Flowers..:):)

      Undoubtedly it's a wonderful feeling -arranging the fresh cut flowers at home.It brings beauty, warmth and touch of graciousness to the entire room setting.Presenting here the floral arrangements at our home for different occasions ,time and season.Hope you like    and do enjoy the sweet smell of beautiful flowers......................:):):)

                                                                      A  Fall Decor

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Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Old and The New..:):)

The excitement continues at Crystal Grandeur as it was when I started it a year and eight months ago. Sixty eight posts, twenty five thousand plus page views, coming in contact with some of the blogging bigwigs and most importantly getting to know all the beautiful bloggers from the different parts of the world, all gave me a great sense of satisfaction and happiness. Blogging proved that there are no boundaries and that the world is small.

Taking to blogging with a loving heart, gave me a opportunity to showcase my passion and love for my subject to the outer world. Blogging continues to give birth to new ideas and helps me express my creativity in my interested field. I have become better with my photography, enjoy my writing and am happy in presenting my collectables in appreciable manner.

Thanks to all you wonderful ladies who take the time to stop by and appreciate my work or creativity through your lovely comments, which makes my day and means a lot to me.

This simple table scape of mine includes designed transparent glassware & is for an evening to enjoy.

Sometimes we stumble upon unexpected objects of interest at our home. I found a pair of vintage honey bottles with green tinge, which looked beautiful. I used it as a flower vase by wrapping a paper doily around it  to give a pretty look. Another bottle I used as a candle holder & filled it with small shells. Spreading dark green leaves around the bottles gave an old and new look to the table.

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