Sunday, 28 July 2013

Green Table Talk..

   Adopting a green theme for this week's tablescape was so much interesting.Living with nature and seeing the  green everyday  around us,color green truly a soothing color and liked by many of us.
        The table is a mix of green and off white and arranging the center with freshly plucked leaves of  Frangipani  looked simple yet charming.

     The plants and trees gives us the opportunity to become more aware of their shape, color and pattern and it's not difficult for us to identify a suitable foliage for a room decor or a table top decor.

    Placing few of  Frangipani long leaves in a vase with green pebbles inside for a center piece display was quick , easy to assemble and gave a tall and elegant look(Usually a tall center piece display is suitable for a long table)to my small table too.

 Nature is there in all it's mood to give us and it's a pure joy for us to take it's  treasure.Hope you like my table with natures gift and thanks for visiting me again....:):)

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Scape with a Red Flower

It isn't always necessary to play around with serious flower decorations to garner attention. Bringing a simple flower arrangement to the table is easy and can be very attractive at times. 

Garden bloomed flowers or  even wild flowers of bright colors can be stunning and really stand out rather than pastel displays.

In tropical or in hot countries like ours, because of the the light being so intense, flowers with strong colors are used in flower arrangements

I have used a single stem red bird of paradise flower to adorn this Spaghetti table for two. Hope you like my Spaghetti table,  Do enjoy preparing the spagatti too, The recipe is given below... Thank you all..:):)

                                                                Salt and pepper shakers

An  easy  Spaghetti recipe for you--

Boil the spaghetti.

Tomato's---4(Boil for 3 minute's and remove the skin.cut the tomato's and squeeze out the water)


Garlic---1 small pod (cut into small pieces)

Tomato sauce--5 table spoons

Chilli powder--3/4 table spoon

Pepper powder--3/4 table spoon

Paprika powder--1/2 table spoon

Sugar--1 table spoon

Bay leaf--1

In a pan add oil and put in the cut onions,cut garlic fry until brown. Add the bay leaf  cut tomatoes and tomato sauce fry four to five minute's. Add the chilli powder, pepper powder, paprika powder, sugar and salt. When the gravy turns little thick add the boiled spaghetti and mix it well.

---A question to all the readers....Do people eat spaghetti with chop sticks???? 

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A Cosy Nook for you..:):)

Ask anyone about the best & their favorite place in the house - and they'd probably show you the cosy nook of their house. Most cosy corners are under the staircase or near a bay window. A simple arrangement to the nook can add charm to your decor and give you a place to sit, relax and enjoy your space.

 I'm sharing here, my cosy corner from our extended living room. Converting the balcony by closing it with a bay window - it turned  the open place to a compact functional and comfortable area for reading and listening to music.

This corner is featured in many of my posts but this is different from the usual setting.

India is known for it's world famous carpets and rugs and I have used a colorful shaggy rug on the floor to show the warmth and add some artistry. Sometimes a rug or a carpet with the right Colour, Size and Shape can be a key piece to a room decor and can beautify the room.

Be it alone or with a friend, in any season, time well spent in a cosy corner with hot coffee tea or fresh juice is fun and spells of a good time.

The most enjoyable moments to me, in my cosy nook are, when the rain water streams down the window pane. It's like slipping away for a cool dip. Hope you too like my cosy nook and thanks for visiting my corner.....:):):)

Puppy doll giving company

Home bloomed  French Marigolds

                                                      One side of the area is the bar

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