Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Egg-cellent Easter

Easter is around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than with a tribute to eggs, which represent new life.

As Spring is closely associated with the Easter Festival, I gave my first try for an Easter decoration by creating and bringing indoors the natural setup, that we associate with this time of year. The nest, birds, and their eggs are a delightful link to the increased  activity in the garden and country side. Rabbits are associated with fertility and children are told that the Easter Bunny lays Easter Eggs.

Happy Easter

Rog(bb)er Rabbit

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Tea Break - Some Like it Hot

Summer can be sweet, with a light breeze & the warm evening sun - this, can be the perfect way to enjoy your evening tea. With everything bustling with life ... it's lovelier and fascinating. Plants of gloom are green, with every bud a giggle with laughter, every flower crowned with gold and all the birds residing in their nests ... All this happens under the magic of spring air.

Combining the right ambiance with simple and casual presentation can be splendid for an evening with your fabulous company or with that special one of yours. Not to forget, the charm of an unforgettable table setting lies in its simplicity.

This tea pot of mine which I picked up years ago from a dusty corner of a shop is very special to me, as I admire its beautifully wired cane handle. Again it's a mix and match of whites here to lighten and enrich the atmosphere. It's a relaxing time, so hit the deck for a taste.

Real birds nest I collected from a park on one of our travels.

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