Thursday, 22 November 2012

My Thanksgiving Tablescape

 It is wonderful to see the beautifully created Thanksgiving tablescapes in everyone's blogs. Although it isn't part of our customs as such, these Thanksgiving celebrations inspired me to do a scape with a brown touch. Hope you'll like it.

Wishing everybody a Happy Thanksgiving

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Thursday, 15 November 2012

A Sparkling Tablescape for Diwali

It is a known fact that the celebration of Diwali is truly a time for fun, delicious food and get togethers. Sparkling table scapes go along well with the nature of festivity. The festivity inspired me to do a tablescape for my blog. The dinner set used here is gift from my warm and fun loving friend Laila. It is a beautiful La Opala set of Indian make with lovely floral prints & subtle colours. 

It is proven fact that colours have mood altering effects & I used the red sheet as a base to highlight the beauty of the plates, swan, and the candle stand. The beautiful smoky petal sherbet glasses with a pinkish tinge is an old buy. The white and red combination go hand in hand for a festive celebration and I enjoyed doing this scape.

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Tea With the Pink Blooms....

When it comes to doing a teascape or tablescape, the choice of colours is the most enjoyable part. Combining the colours Pink and White is always welcoming, and can never go wrong. One can feel  very romantic and soothing with this association of White and Pink and it is pure pleasure. The pairing of Pink blooms with White tea-ware is calming  and cool. I love the combination and it looked good on the cosy corner round table.

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