Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Sea Front Seduction ... A Fishy Tablescape.

The moon, the twinkling stars and the water of the ocean are indeed the grandeur of the universe. A change in priorities and the values of modern life has left many of us disconnected from the marvels of nature & alienated us from the wonders of the universe. Few have the ability to turn the wealth of nature as a gift of energy, happiness, pleasure & enjoyment. 

It is fascinating to arrange a dinner on a soft full moon night on a porch or in a candle lit gazebo near the blue waterfront & it can be quite different from the usual dining. To watch the luxurious moon light fall on the sea bed, to hear the sound of the waves, to feel the ethereal breeze and  to see the winking starry sky are indeed relaxing and enjoyable moments that one can bet on. A beautiful table scape to indulge to, is a fine dining delight & some lilting tunes and the candle light  can set off a romantic and languorous mood for the die heart romantics, as the night recedes to another bright day.

As we all know, black is the color of the night, I have used black and blue, mixed in for the table ware, representing the night sky and the ocean. I enjoyed doing this scape and clicking these pictures. Hope you too believe that it is fun and refreshing in having a moon light dinner near the sea front ...

Sea Shell Spoon.

Blue Coffee Mug with an Egyptian Motif.

How about watching dolphins cruising a moonlit night?

Oxyn Stone Fish popular in Pakistani handcrafts.

Sailor Holder

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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Pep Up Tea Scape for a Lazy Afternoon

One who makes scapes always feels a thrill in creating &  displaying them, while using the imagination and drawing inspiration. So much is written and said about the right way to do a setting, but it is that feel good factor that you enjoy, when you receive appreciation for doing it with a personal touch and style, in the setting of a scape. 

This is a pep up tea scape for a lazy afternoon with a beautiful and lovable jumbo shaped cup and saucer. Using the carved soft stone box as a napkin holder and the elephant shaped perfumed oil diffuser as a sugar cube holder, makes this a perfect scape to enjoy your tea.

Beaded Trims