Saturday, 29 September 2012

Falling in Love with Fall

Learning is always the best thing to do in life. To learn all about fall and the things associated with this time of year was informative and enjoyable.

Fall can be romantic and poetic with the change of colours & with the first frost and falling leaves.

The season is all about the display of colors in nature & about fruits like Plump Pumpkins, Red Berries, Nuts, Ornamental Gourds, Rosy Pomegranates, along with Apples, Pears, decorative coloured cabbage & pretty-frilled leaves.

Other things include welcoming wreaths, sturdy baskets, potpourri, wooden trugs, pottery bowls jugs, pitchers & terracotta pots.Copper and brass add charm to the season.

Colours most used in Fall include burnt orange, green, golds, browns, reds, pinks, rich mauves and so on.

I have given a finishing touch to this corner with the elements of Fall and it looked beautiful.

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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Happy Fall Tablescape

Every meal is a gift. Harvest time not only brings the bountiful fruits of the growing year, but also gives opportunities to create witty and natural seasonal tablescapes for family and friends.
As the year draws to a close with its early dark evenings and the fall of the first leaf, it is understood that the plants and trees are preparing themselves for a winter's rest. How wonderful nature is.

All cultures throughout history give great symbolic importance to gatherings and celebrations. Gathering at home at this time of the year for the celebration of festivities and for dinners with decorative tables of windfall fruits and vegetables bring happiness into the home.

Creating the harvest themed tablescape with fruits and vegetables, I wanted to give the center piece a bit of a natural scenic touch using with bright coloured fruits and vegetables.

This arrangement includes the colourful yellow Zucchini, red and yellow bell peppers, the plump pumpkin, a small old wooden home frame, the rusted lanterns and the cute little robins .

Everyone loves flowers & I used different kinds of colourful flowers and fruits as a back drop that went well with the table setting.

Fall is really about celebrating whats been planted and cared for in the summer. 

                                      Happy Fall Season.

Photographs by Sujatha Pratap
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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Fall Dinner after Sunset

These are the days of early dark evenings with the fall of certain leaves . And some plants and trees display the delicate shades and deeper tones of the Autumnal palette too. 

I was tempted to do a simple scape in our garden with the touch of fall colours. It was nice to see two pale yellow leaves on a plant and I felt like they were whispering .... pick us up for your shoot. They made my job easy whilst using them as the center piece and they gave a natural look of the season. While the sun was dropping down in the west, doing a scape in the garden created coziness and a sense of comfort & with the glowing candles and lanterns on the table, dinner was wonderful too.

                       Our Friendly crow waiting and wanting to join the fall party.

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