Saturday, 29 September 2012

Falling in Love with Fall

Learning is always the best thing to do in life. To learn all about fall and the things associated with this time of year was informative and enjoyable.

Fall can be romantic and poetic with the change of colours & with the first frost and falling leaves.

The season is all about the display of colors in nature & about fruits like Plump Pumpkins, Red Berries, Nuts, Ornamental Gourds, Rosy Pomegranates, along with Apples, Pears, decorative coloured cabbage & pretty-frilled leaves.

Other things include welcoming wreaths, sturdy baskets, potpourri, wooden trugs, pottery bowls jugs, pitchers & terracotta pots.Copper and brass add charm to the season.

Colours most used in Fall include burnt orange, green, golds, browns, reds, pinks, rich mauves and so on.

I have given a finishing touch to this corner with the elements of Fall and it looked beautiful.

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  1. Such a beautiful fall vignette. Love the decor.

  2. Beautiful display! You did a great job!

  3. Truly lovely - such simplicity and yet such elegance. It's beautiful!

  4. Very colourful and elegant- the write up matches he presentation

  5. so warm and inviting--just beautiful, sujatha!

  6. Lovely vignette, and perfect for that table. Very cozy, and inviting....
    like those lanterns too. Really neat looking!
    Hope you are having a fun Fall.............
    blessings, Nellie

  7. Love the softness of your vignette. It's lovely. I'm your newest follower.