Thursday, 23 November 2017

2017 'Thanks Giving Table' at CG.

This years 'Thanks Giving table' at Crystal grandeur is slightly different from the usual Autumnal Platte. A simple and rustic look table with a blue tinge burlap spread, greens, candles, blue ware  and pine cones gave a natural look to the setting. 

               'Wishing everyone a wonderful 'Thanks Giving Day'

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Monday, 13 November 2017

Candle Mood:))

It's season of celebration and a known fact that candles lit during any season and for any occasion creates a mood or ambiance. Displaying candles single or in group for a romantic dinner, birthday celebration, Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas gathering sure to generate a comment, smile or compliment. 

There are so many ways of decorating a candle and that the only limit is your creativity. Pillar candles can be beautified with even simple materials like ribbons, small metallic decorative objects or by just attaching the leaves to the candles that you find in your garden. 

A simple creative candle project with scented or non scented candles with imagination can add a stylish note to your decor, bring in warmth and spread the fragrance.   


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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Sixth blog Anniversary with a Zen Table:))

It's November and it marks my sixth year blog Anniversary. Time just flies. Six years later it's a wonderful feeling to be still in blog-sphere. I admit in saying I am proud, the six long years with you all have been fun filled creative years and thank each & everyone of you for the love,support and encouragement. I remember my very first blog post at the end of 2011, awaited eagerly for the response & was thrilled to receive comments, reactions from family members, friends & from unknown destinations. That made me all happy. Pleasant memories indeed. The bond and friendship created with some of the bloggers & followers over the years are truly wonderful. I look forward to continue my going at Crystal Grandeur with my creations and your love. I presume my blog Crystal Grandeur will leave you with lots of information and a sense of inspiration. Thank you. 

To welcome and celebrate the much awaited rain creating a Zen table with Zen elements added charm to the gloomy weather and created a calm vibe around.  

 It's nice to see Halloween tables with creativity at every blog and hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween day.   

             Using umbrella palm leaves looked apt for the table

Folding the napkins like hand fan looked pretty and went well with the setting 

               Adding more candles to the table gave a quiet feeling 

                         Used pebbles as stand for candles 
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