Monday, 13 November 2017

Candle Mood:))

It's season of celebration and a known fact that candles lit during any season and for any occasion creates a mood or ambiance. Displaying candles single or in group for a romantic dinner, birthday celebration, Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas gathering sure to generate a comment, smile or compliment. 

There are so many ways of decorating a candle and that the only limit is your creativity. Pillar candles can be beautified with even simple materials like ribbons, small metallic decorative objects or by just attaching the leaves to the candles that you find in your garden. 

A simple creative candle project with scented or non scented candles with imagination can add a stylish note to your decor, bring in warmth and spread the fragrance.   


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  1. What fun candles. I don't use nearly enough candles. Yours are decorated so nicely. Inspiring. I will have to get some pillar candles and some embellishments.


  2. Fun, easy, pretty ways to spruce up plain candles! I really like your creativity here!

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