Monday, 31 October 2016

Diwali Foot Prints

    Like most Indian festivals and festivals around the world,  Diwali is also an occasion for thanksgiving for rich harvest at the end of the rainy season. But even though it is end of rainy season, in some parts of the country rains do continue sporadically. The nine day festival Navrathri ends with Dussera and then the queen of festivals Diwali or Deepavali follows.  Diwali's rituals and traditions are many and varies from place to place and the festival is spread over four to five days. The pre-dawn celebration of Diwali in Southern India starts with ceremonial fragrant bath, prayers and eat a feast of sweets. Fire works, rangolis and new cloths are a part of the celebration. Dressing up is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Diwali. It's a way to truly feel that this is a special day.
    In the evening people light lamps to illuminate their homes as well as hearts. On this day gifts and sweets are exchanged and the bond among friends and relatives are strengthed through love and shared festivities. 
   It is a cultural and religious custom to use silver-ware for special occasions like Diwali. I adorned the coffee table with silver-wares for sweets and dry fruits. Setting a festively laid Diwali table for a nice break-fast lunch or dinner is always on cards. From the florist  i picked the huge blooms of a lily-stem for the table center piece which matched the table cloth.  
     Finally the celebration of Diwali is over with memories and with a positive note and now it's time to relax and cherish. 

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Thursday, 27 October 2016

A Fall Table :)))

It's  nice  to connect with you all once again this week with a Fall table for two from my little corner. Hope all of you are enjoying the refreshing Autumn with all your favorite things to do. In two days  it's Diwali for us. A lot has been done, still there's little more to go. The weather is changing and the air is rife with festivity. There is noise of crackers outside and in every house hold people are busy preparing their favorite sweets & dishes. So there is much more to share in my next post about the Diwali celebration at our home. Meanwhile setting this Fall table with fruits combining  white wars looked pretty. I filled the hobnailed vase with the dried branches from our garden which i eyed at the last minute before it could go in the bin. 


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Thursday, 20 October 2016

My First Fall Table for the Season :))))

    Fall is a beautiful season  and the arrival of  it makes us to think about all the deeper tones of Autumnal Platte for decors and table settings. 
     The first darker evenings with curtains drawn creates a soothing feeling. Creating my first  Fall table for the season with warm hues and lighting of candles gave a sense of cozy enclosure. Hope everyone enjoying the season of Autumn in doors as well out doors with your loved ones. ' Wishing everyone a blissful Fall'.

I have used my hand loom bed spread as a table spread and also placed two different sizes of candles. Flat and taller candles.  

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Blissful Navratri

  For Hindus in particular this part of the year  is the best period as it is lined up with festivities in our calendar. 

Everyone knows the celebrations at home is always  all about the right decor, best invite, delicious menus and exchange of gifts with innovative gift wraps etc. Also bringing out the favorite table-wares  to the table is a part of it as if it is not now then when? Sharing here with you all a coffee table setting from the just concluded Navrathri celebration with festive goodies at our home. 

The nine day festival which symbolizes Good prevailing over Evil is celebrated with joy in most of the houses bringing the families and friends together. During the festival people revisit their roots by keeping Kolu at home. (display of dolls including Gods and Goddesses connected with Mythology,  traditions and culture.) 

As usual festivities start in dinning area and we serve our guests the traditional recipes  with love and warmth.  

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