Saturday, 24 June 2017

Summer Table With Summer Flowers :)

We have come to the mid of 2017. Nature is doing it's job and in blog land too, everywhere, creative instincts keep flowing with personal hints and tips. During these long six years of blogging, there was never a dull moment and blogging has become  routine & unavoidable to me however busy. I love everything about blogging and am happy to be part of blogging community. It's always overwhelming to receive cherish-able comments from unknown destinations, unknown people and blog friends.
In a sun filled room a summer dining with  just simple flowers makes a difference. The dragon fly and butterfly print table runner adds charm to the table as well. The combination of yellow,white and with a touch of blue declares they are true colors of  June skies. 


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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Summer On Plate:))

Season changes, decors too change according to seasons, but the love to style your home with season's color and elements never change. It often happen in the homes of people who are passionate about decors and with the things they possess. 

In many countries it is Summer time and thankfully our severe summer days are coming to an end with a change in the evening air. Unlike other cold countries Summer, our Summer is harsh with literally the heat wave sweeping. 

Living near the coast is always enjoyable (as we are) and creating a coastal feel through decors is fun as well.  What is your vision of an ideal Summer decor? Nothing conjures up the sunny Summer out doors like a out door dining or even if it's held inside your home. I transformed the dining table on a sweltering hot day to a coastal getaway with beach accessories and the much loved summer color combo Blue & White. 

Collection of shells over the years comes handy to me for summer decor display. To create a miniature beach scene for the center piece, filled a platter with sand and arranged small shells & cut succulents. It looked perfect for a beach table along with two shell made flowers and spoons. I never gave a second thought while shopping to pick up the glass fish plates and that gave a finishing touch to the table. 

A beach themed table sure to inject a hefty dose of cheer into any space whether it is inside your home or out in the garden at any time of the day during the season. Enjoy your Summer:) 

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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Alfresco Tea Setting:))

Alfresco means fresh air.... and dining in open air is always refreshing. Month May is peak of summer season in our part of the world. 
Alfresco tea setting on a bright summer evening with mixing & matching of white kettle with pretty floral mugs looked alluring near the heliconia plant. 

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