Sunday, 26 February 2017

Creating a Home:)

No wonder they say that home is where the heart is! This may sound cliched, but there is no dispute to the fact that home is also where the art is. 

I have always been very passionate when it comes to decors in general as well while styling our own home.  For me the definition of  beauty in styling lies in elegantly mixing the old and the new. While decorating our home I kept in mind, decors need not be followed in particular style. I felt mixing the new and the old looked livable. Also a fact by contrasting both it draws individual attention to each piece. 

Speaking about decors in Indian sub continent the choice of styling among people differ. Some prefer traditional or desi style, some find interest in contemporary designs while others break away from both and look for eclectics... mixer of different style. Owing to the peculiar historical circumstanceses in India the decors in interior imbibed with  Mughal, British, Portuguese and the French influences. Yet every design fixes the style firmly as Indian. 

Collecting themed or non themed collectibles for over thirty years our home has touch of everything. From Indian, western to oriental style. I like things to be different and out of the ordinary. To have a eclectic look one needs a little bit of imagination experimentation and the confidence in applying  to give the distinct and your personal style. 

Wall color hues play an important role in decors. We always opt for the natural, cool and  muted colors. Preferring white for the living room matched the theme of the old and the new the eclectic style.
                                                                                 Images..Sujatha Pratap

 There's nothing quite so attractive as a room lit by warm         comfortable glow of table, standard or floor lamps

Adding greenery to the corner brings life, zest and visual interest to a room whatever its style.  

                                Candles make you feel romantic at times

Blue potteries anyone's delight. It has a special place at our        home

             A beautiful Moroccan light that lights up the bed room corner 

       Collection of glass- plain or fancy brings out its sparkle.

                                                                 Art on wood
                                      Love the gleams of the brass curios


                         The silver sparkles during festivities

                                                                 crystal  scintillates

                    Nodding flowers are always part of our home story

Prized Bonsai plant on the side board always a center of attraction.

Cushions are versatile accessories for any room. Piles of them give a look of welcome and comfort as well creates color scheme.

                                Onyx Marble swan for its beauty 

         Among our collection of Buddhas this stands for grace and               harmony

                   A beautiful piece of art on stone brings sereneness

Mirror in a room add light and space. Dried flowers have a particular charm while displaying. 

Sheer curtains can be prettily draped, frilled or swathed to transform a bare window.

Whether its traditional or modern adding a rug is a quick way to spice up a space. 

                                                         Oriental decor touch


Treasured table top collectibles can be attractive  and give a finishing touch to a room. 

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Thursday, 16 February 2017

A Table for Valentines Day:)))

Talking about V-day celebration it is always the same, to show your love. Heart.... the size of one's closed fist opens its love to all loving things. The V-day certainly centers around love that  keeps people to stay connected with their loved ones. 

Bringing in a single red Holiconia or the hanging lobster-claw stem from our garden gave a pretty and exotic touch to the table which i created for the day. Also laying and matching the dishes with a bold colour table base looked festive.

Hope everyone had a wonderful V-day with your extended family.  

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Friday, 10 February 2017

Heart Talk:)))

Sailing through blogs are always fun as we find topics of heirloom- crafts swaying the pages. 

It's again the time of the year that romance is back in the air. Of course it's hearts day the Valentine day.  How are you planning to ring in the vibe of love inside your home for your loved ones? It's wonderful to play around with touches of heart elements on this day behind your doors with luscious blooms, perfumed candles, with colors of passion deep purple, fushsia pink, reds, and with eclectic chocolates that are palatable & delectable to the eye. A stunning and distinctive table-scape for your family or a cozy table just for two reflect the sentiments and makes up the day.

Sharing my past Valentine day table creation for inspiration.       

Enjoy the love- fest, Love deeply, strongly and fearlessly....

                                           Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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