Thursday, 16 February 2017

A Table for Valentines Day:)))

Talking about V-day celebration it is always the same, to show your love. Heart.... the size of one's closed fist opens its love to all loving things. The V-day certainly centers around love that  keeps people to stay connected with their loved ones. 

Bringing in a single red Holiconia or the hanging lobster-claw stem from our garden gave a pretty and exotic touch to the table which i created for the day. Also laying and matching the dishes with a bold colour table base looked festive.

Hope everyone had a wonderful V-day with your extended family.  

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  1. Splash of such bold colours. Simple but elegant. Love the heart shaped strawberries.

  2. Wow, that holiconia is amazing. So unusual. Your table is very pretty too and the colors are very dramatic and vibrant. Lovely.

  3. That plant is so colorful! Great idea to use it. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  4. Beautiful... The colors have drama and yet still impart a subtle beauty that lingers in the minds eye.