Thursday, 27 September 2018

Fall In The Kitchen:))

     From table top decors to corners of the home comes alive with decors of Fall and it's colors at this time of the year.

     Today I invite to my kitchen for a glance of a little Fall decor that I created during the day. A large pitcher, a wax pumpkin, a Sunflower plate, a pot filled with blooms of pretty red tiny flowers, a bowl of tangerine, small fallen dried pomegranates and a pair of cup & saucers placed on a tray with a spread of dry twigs added to the spot. It's simple yet created  warmth  after lighting the candle. 


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Thursday, 20 September 2018

Rain & a Coffescape:)

    'From fresh earthy scents to sharp vibrant colors many sensory pleasures are revealed by wet weather'... said someone. Very true to it's saying.

    Rain have the power to create emotions & moods of different kind. I am a lover of rain who finds joy in a smallest drizzle. 

     Rain gets a bad press these days as mostly printed words use it as a gloom or disastrous. Art critic John Ruskin labelled it 'Pathetic fallacy' the attribution of human emotions to nature. And it is a fallacy, rain is't gloomy or disastrous. Think of the Emerald green landscapes, think of the rivers, mountains and valleys carved out by the rain. Our land has been shaped by what falls from above. Rain  becomes inconvenient only when it is felt inconvenient with wrestling umbrellas, dirtying of the floors & carpets and when one confined to indoors. There is something more beyond all this. Good downpour a cleanser, a refresher, a natural skin toner. Rain brings the feeling of romance. William Wordsworth  said to have walked miles together in his life-time, experiencing rain and have admitted in telling it as ' Vigor & Perseverance'. 

   A drizzle from the sky made me to create a coffee-scape with a pastry to enjoy. A tea-cosy and freshly brewed pot of coffee for a perfect temperature just inviting. Tutti frutti # coconut # Pastry recipe will be shared in the coming week.

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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Welcoming Autumn witha a Infusion:))

     Herbal infusions, often known as herbal teas are not only taken to treat specific ailments but sometime soothing to have it on a chilly day too. They also make delicious and healthy alternatives to tea or coffee for regular drinking during day or after meals. Herbal teas have a wide range of flavors and it is worth experimenting to discover a mix you enjoy. Fresh herbs may be dried at home for making tea and also ready made teabags are available at health food stores. 

    Here is a teas cape to infuse to have Chamomile infusion. Chamomile tea is very relaxing and soothing. Sometime some feel the taste is unpalatable but combining it with standard Indian tea is good.  

   Infusions can be made from a single herb or from combination of herbs and may be taken hot or cold. Best is to make from fresh herbs by placing the herbs on a muslin square and tie it into small bundle with a string. Parts of the herbs that can be used for infusion are leaves, flowers and most aerial parts (dried or fresh).  

   Here the color combination of the tea-scape are truly colors of Fall with dark shade tea kettle & plates, pair of owls, lantern  and a Orange Pumpkin. Glowing candle looks pretty as it say the days are becoming shorter. 

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