Saturday, 29 June 2013

A Holiday Mood Table...:):)

Summer tables capes are at play on everyone's blog - Inspired by the fun and frolics, I decided on a holiday mood scape for this week. Sometimes you don't need to leave your home or town to take a breather. Instead it can be an absolute pleasure in combining a delicious meal with your own table setting. A distinctive dinning experience with close friends and family can be a glamorous one.

Visiting beaches gives one a unique feeling - finding and collecting shells from the sand is fun too. I like saving these shells so they can be used whenever the moment is right.

Presenting a beach scape here with the mix of blue, white and splashes of pinks to go with the season and environment.

I loved the idea of using my deep sea blue Indonesian depression glassware for the setting, as I think the use of glassware for dinning  has become ever more imaginative in recent years. The glassware are beautiful and versatile and have an ethereal beauty to them.

 I enjoyed doing this scape with three different center pieces along with the shells I had collected over the years.  India being a peninsular country with beaches all around one get the opportunity to fill the bags with shells.

Thank you for your visit and. Hope you like it... & Wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July .. :):):)

                                         Beautiful serving plate.

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

All About My Drawing Room...:):)

The drawing room is the warm and friendly room in a house & yet it is a place where one can harbor their  collection of personal treasures as well. The name 'drawing room' is derived from the Sixteenth century term 'With-drawing' room. In some countries the term drawing room is not used as much as it once was. In India it is still widely used, since colonial days.

One of my most vivid memories of child hood was scribbling and drawing on the drawing room walls :P. They are the sweet memories of a childhood past....:):)

Decorating has always been a natural instinct, & I have always loved the opportunity to decorate. Influenced by many things .... It's a subject I am most passionate about. It was a dream job for me, to do up our rectangular living room. It was all about fitting the furniture in its right place, balancing colours with each other & the lighting arrangements & along with all the finer things that the living room could hold.

I preferred a velvet cotton mix furnish for the sofa with a naturally inspired pattern and palette with the belief that the best fabrics give a room it's living color. It was my desire to have a crystal chandelier for their beauty and value. And by hanging one it gave a finishing touch to the room.

Thank You for your visit to my Living Room :):)

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