Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Scape with a Red Flower

It isn't always necessary to play around with serious flower decorations to garner attention. Bringing a simple flower arrangement to the table is easy and can be very attractive at times. 

Garden bloomed flowers or  even wild flowers of bright colors can be stunning and really stand out rather than pastel displays.

In tropical or in hot countries like ours, because of the the light being so intense, flowers with strong colors are used in flower arrangements

I have used a single stem red bird of paradise flower to adorn this Spaghetti table for two. Hope you like my Spaghetti table,  Do enjoy preparing the spagatti too, The recipe is given below... Thank you all..:):)

                                                                Salt and pepper shakers

An  easy  Spaghetti recipe for you--

Boil the spaghetti.

Tomato's---4(Boil for 3 minute's and remove the skin.cut the tomato's and squeeze out the water)


Garlic---1 small pod (cut into small pieces)

Tomato sauce--5 table spoons

Chilli powder--3/4 table spoon

Pepper powder--3/4 table spoon

Paprika powder--1/2 table spoon

Sugar--1 table spoon

Bay leaf--1

In a pan add oil and put in the cut onions,cut garlic fry until brown. Add the bay leaf  cut tomatoes and tomato sauce fry four to five minute's. Add the chilli powder, pepper powder, paprika powder, sugar and salt. When the gravy turns little thick add the boiled spaghetti and mix it well.

---A question to all the readers....Do people eat spaghetti with chop sticks???? 

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  1. I saw the chopsticks and laughed. I had never thought of eating spaghetti with chopsticks! My kids would have loved that. The table looks so pretty. Your flower is gorgeous. Oh my, it's really all the table needed. xo marlis

  2. i can barely eat spaghetti neatly with a fork--i starve if i had to eat it with chop sticks! beautiful table, sujatha! and thanks for sharing the recipe:)

  3. Hi, Sujatha!!!! I am going to send this link to my Mom. She LOVES the bird of paradise flower!!! She will love this post!!! So pretty!!! I love all the red!

    I have never eaten spaghetti with chopsticks, but I think I'll try it! It might be fun!!! I'll let you know how that turns out. I'll probably need to wear a big bib!!! :-)

    GHave a beautiful weekend!!!

  4. Your spaghetti looks good, Sujatha.i love the bird of paradise, one of my favorite flowers...Christine

  5. I love the bird of paradise bloom! Your spaghetti looks good! I've never used chopsticks on anything!

  6. Oh, I totally love this flower, as we have them growing in our tropical part of the country. Your setting is lovely and charming as everything you touch is, and I love the sweet china and of course, the spaghetti, Sujatha style...I bet it's yummy! Thanks so much for your sweet and kind comments my sweet friend. Have a terrific weekend.

  7. Oh...I don't it anything with chop sticks, lol..I love to roll my spaghetti in the fork, like Italians...hehehe

  8. Gorgeous table setting in red! The bird of paradise is fabulous as a center piece, I never thought of it. How cute are those sweet salt and peppers!

  9. Your Bird of Paradise is a lovely centerpiece for this table with red accents. '-)


  11. Loved your salt and pepper shakers. Made for each other.

  12. Terrific scape using the bird of paradise and those salt and pepper shakers. One of my favorite red and white scapes. Audrey

  13. Hi Sujatha,

    So nice to meet you!

    Your red table setting is rich in reds and elegant in whites. I don't think I've ever seen a bird of paradise before! Wow; perfectly named! Love your candlesticks!


  14. The Bird of Paradise is glorious against the motif in the bowl. Beautiful design choices. Cherry Kay

  15. My, my!! You had me at those wonderful salt and pepper shakers!! I have never seen anything like them - how adorable! All of the red is so warm and inviting and that gorgeous Bird of Paradise is incredible! I have never seen one that color previously - wow!

  16. Sujutha,
    Your table is beautiful. I just love red and like to use it on my tables too...and that bird of paradise...such a gorgeous flower...and no, I use a fork to eat spaghetti..I learned to twist it around my fork at an early age. :-)
    Love, Mona

  17. The bird of paradise arrangement is strikingly beautiful! I love your table setting, too! We enjoy spaghetti at our house. I make my own sauce from our garden tomatoes but I'm going to give your recipe a try. Have a wonderful day!

  18. Red and White- lovely colour combo. Beautiful bird of paradise center piece. Varsha tries eating her spaghetti with chopsticks-

  19. A beautiful table, with the Bird of Paradise taking center stage--with the delicious pasta! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely post with Foodie Friday. Hope to see you again!