Thursday, 14 June 2012

Out of Ordinary - Perfect Toast

Sometimes, to entertain, we mix the high and low, the costly and the found, the rare and the common to dress up things a little and set a marvelous table to have a perfect toast. No one will know the difference and guests always appreciate charming surprises.

I always believe in visual appeal and here by presenting a bread presentation combined with crisp white napkins, white table cloth with innovative white crockery from an all white-ware collection of mine and those little chefs added to the table - this all forms an eye catching and cheered up table.

The humble and the versatile bread, the simple sandwich and the sponge cake all go well together to form a spectacular display for special occasions and that will make you a very popular host too.



Serving soup from a beautiful tureen

Decorating a funky egg tray

The three divisions of this innovative crockery replaces the traditional bread basket

Cuisine Kathleen


  1. It's always the little details that make it special! Your presentation is lovely :)

  2. Wonderful use of texture in the foods with your white on white design. I think that those cute little chefs will put on a few pounds before this feast is finished. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  3. Your table looks so fresh AND delicious and your chefs are adorable!

  4. How cute is this! Your presentation is fabulous. I like the paper doilies around the bread. The addition of the little chefs make me smile.

  5. What a wonderful presentation! It looks fabulous. Welcome to Let's Dish! I hope you come again, Wed night at 7!
    Could you please turn off your word ID? It stops people from leaving comments on this lovely post. :)

  6. What a layout! I love that oval plate with the center cut out...

  7. I thank each one of you for leaving such beautiful comments for this post of and regards.:):):)