Friday, 26 September 2014

Shakti and Nature

Love and Respect for Nature is inherent in our culture and across the world ever since civilizations came into existence. A tree is perhaps natures best gift to mankind. Worshipping trees and relating them to our lives is a unique tradition of our value system. The worship of the tree links us with the Natures spirit. A tree is a mother earth's creativity and it has Shakti. A Tree restores balance by its positive force and though it doesn't have a mind of its own it has the cosmic heart of the universe.

Since Durga Puja occurs during the Autumn harvest, the Goddesses is associated with plant fertility and is symbolic of growth. The Neem tree is the favourite of Goddesses Durga. Neem purifies the air we breath and is a source for healing. The other avatar of  Goddesses, Ma Kali's favourite flower is the dramatically beautiful  red Hibiscus.

The scene today looks gloomy with deforestation and the cutting of trees. Creating a respectful attitude towards nature is a must and one has to believe that our survival depends upon the survival of Nature. The attitude of protecting nature must come from our inner self.

As Buddha put it, a tree offers protection and shade even to the wood cutters who destroys it. Therefore, every tree is worthy of god-like reverence and worship. Lets save trees and teach the younger generation the importance of Nature. 

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