Thursday, 18 September 2014

Black & White :))

This week has been good so far, and I have been preparing for the Navratri celebrations which will be starting next week.

It was nice to do a  scape for the week using the colour of the season. This is the first time I am using black and white wares with two different center pieces.

In a beautiful black and white bowl I put the fresh white lotus blooms and also used a Moroccan lantern as the two different centre-pieces.

Which centre-piece do you prefer??? I would love to hear from you.

                                                               Thank you...:)

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  1. definitely prefer the white bowl with the beautiful Lotus blossoms the other choice is way to bland and doesn't do any thing for me very simple table design

  2. Love both of these...totally different look with each centerpiece. Lovely!

  3. love the lantern, sujatha! and your pretty napkins on the plates!

  4. Both so lovely, but I love the white one with the lotus flower paired with your black and white scape. I love that pretty lantern, swoonnn!!!
    Thanks for your sweet and kind visit to my DD's apartment.
    Have a terrific week dear Sujatha.

  5. Hi, Sujatha! Either you have a really abundant garden, or your floral budget is endless because you always have such pretty flowers!!! I love the way you arranged the lotus blossoms in that bowl with them slightly draping over the sides! I also like the way you folded the napkin to mimic the drape and shape of the lotus blossoms. Very nice!

    As much as I like the floral arrangement as your centerpiece, I also really like the Moroccan lantern. It's beautiful! We have a store here in the U.S. called Z Gallerie that carries Moroccan lanterns in a variety of sizes and colors. I bought a couple of them in black a few years ago but have surprisingly never used them! I must rectify that, especially now that I see how pretty yours looks here! It casts off such pretty light onto the table.

    I hope you have a beautiful week!

  6. Very elegant table! I love the black and whit pairing, as well as the placement of those pretty, ruffled napkins.

  7. So much class and elgance. As usual, I love your flowers.