Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Cosmic Queen- Durga!!!!

The Divine Mother's Magic
is ancient as life itself.
She existed before gods and mortals,
and she will exist even after the great dissolution.
Mother is pure energy in subtle form,
but in times of need
or just out of desire to play, She manifests.

I am fond of this time of the year, and anticipate it, as, we welcome the Cosmic Queen, the Mother, the daughter Durga. To many she is  Maa and to some she is the daughter. The divine Mother Durga is ever blissful.

The worship of Durga during Autumn is widely known. The festival of Durga which falls during the time of harvest, thus associates her with plants and the nourishment of her powers of fertility. 

Like the colourful season autumn, the colourful festival with many different beliefs and myths is celebrated with love across the country.

I love the various characters of Durga, from the gentle young wife, to the daughter who is in need of family tenderness as she arrives and is taken care of, till she returns to her husbands home far away. 

The festival days are ones of intimacy between the devotee and the Goddess who is understood to have made a long journey to dwell at homes of those who worship her. To the devotee, Durga is seen as a returning daughter who lives a difficult life far away from home. During the celebration many cherish her as a tender daughter who has returned home on her annual visit. Therefore, she is welcomed warmly to the homes and is given every comfort. 

A feminine festival, it is associated with many colours, like yellow (haldi) red (vermilion & alta) orange (mehendi), and various other colours of bangles as seen adorned on the hands of women at this time of the year. The colours of the rainbow seen during the festival, adds magic to the air.Let people welcome her in what ever  form they love to welcome her.

Happy Navrathri

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