Thursday, 5 April 2012

Perfect for the Celebration - Bon Appetite

Coming together to share a meal on a dining area is one of life's simplest pleasures. It's more wonderful when you do it with a beautiful table scape on a festive celebration like Easter with your loved ones. In gathering around a table we voluntarily make time to slow down and connect with each other. Whether it is for dinner or brunch, with a bunch of friends or for an intimate two, it automatically sets the tempo, for some "us" time. The ritual of breaking bread with one another, reminds of our enduring symbol of bonding. No wonder, a lot has been said about a family that eats together stays together. To eat well is to live well, rings true even today.

Happy Easter

The beautiful green pear shaped pepper and salt containers is the oldest pick from a fair

Used here, this beautiful floral print table cloth to go with Springtime entertainment.

I'm am participating at The Style Sisters - Centerpiece Wednesdays


  1. Tha napkins are really pretty! I don't know if they were purchased with the lace or if you added it, but they really look great!

  2. I also love the lace on the napkins. The lace reminded me of some Irish lace I used to make a baptism dress for my great niece. Your bunnies aree very nice with the flowers. Happy Easter!

  3. thank you Alycia and Pattispress.I added the lace to the napkins.HAPPY EASTER>