Friday, 10 January 2014

Tea or Chai --- The delight...:):)

China teapots, sugar bowls and salvers are the beloved of the tea table that blossomed during late 17th century in England. Their popularity was accelerated by Queen Catherine of Braganza who brought the tea drinking habit from the Portuguese court. Tea drinking became an epidemic in polite society and tea shops were opened for ladies in London where women could meet and gossip as their husbands did in the exclusively male coffee houses. Love and scandals are the best sweeteners of tea commented the novelist Hendry Fielding.

India is a tea drinking nation, where tea or "chai" drinking is enjoyed by the rich and the poor. Tea stalls and shops are a common sight in India. They are there everywhere, from Railway stations to Bus stations, Airports & even on a remote high way at the corner of  hairpin bend in a mountainous region would you get tea to pep you up, at any time of the day.

Sipping tea from hand-enameled glasses or from a simple glass tea is undeniably refreshing and has become a global tradition.

Happy to present here a simple tea scape for the week. Hope you like it.

A poor mans delight.
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  1. Hello Lady S!
    Hope you had a wonderful Holdiays with your loveones...

    OMG! I am loving the poorman's delight. I always do. Cozy and lovely are just the spices of this delightful moment.

    Happy weekend pretty.

    /Cc girl

  2. somehow, no matter what the theme, your tablescapes are always so rich, and inviting looking:) have a wonderful week, sujatha!

  3. What a beautiful tea setting! You have the most lovely tea sets and this black one is no exception, I'm loving it! You take amazing photography as well. I love all the fab elements you have here too.

  4. I love tea. There's no drink in the world I love most. I have at least a cup per day. I love white tea, Ceilon, well lots of them. I always have a Camomile Cup before going to bed. If I had a setting like the one you created I not even would go to bed and just enjoy it all night long ahahahahah.
    Have a Wonderful Week,