Friday, 21 February 2014

A Warm Welcome to the Crystal Grandeur Label...:):)

A warm welcome to everyone who clicked to view this post. This is my 77th post  for Crystal Grandeur and its been two years with you all, and as usual, creating this post has been bright and beautiful for me.

With the new found freedom of experimenting and expressing my creations boldly on my blog, I can say 2012 and 2013 have been pleasurable and action packed years for me.

This gave me the confidence and faith to take things a little further in the field of designing, and so in 2014 I have decided to create my own Home Label.

Crystal Grandeur is the four seasons Home Collection with an urban touch, which includes a choice of home accessories like Bed Linens, Throw Pillow Covers, Dining Accessories, Curios to charm every nook and corner & help keep your home in style.

My idea to have this label started with the encouragement from friends, family and most importantly the complimentary comments that I received regularly for my creations, from the other beautiful bloggers from different parts of the world.

Without further ado, Crystal Grandeur shows a few items from the various Seasonal Collections, for your opinion. If you have liked this selection of items for the Four Season's Collections do post a comment to help me to go ahead with my home label. I look forward to hear from my fellow bloggers,followers who follow Crystal Grandeur, friends and well wishers.

Thank you for your love, and support....:):):)


A leaf from the designer's Notebook - 

Items for my Inaugural Spring / Summer Collection

1. Like a pretty scarf for your neckline or a Velvet bow in your hair, decorative pillows are soft and can, in a moment, change the entire mood of a room. A Tulip print cushion cover for a warm summer days...

2. Beautiful ceramic candle votive's for any  day of any season  brings sereneness to your home.

3. The ceramic mugs with a soothing blue are beautiful for a sunny evening.

4. As we all know, material pleasures are a fine blend of pattern and palette. I've gone on to select an awesome jute fabric with satin edging for a lovely bed spread.

5. Someone said think of your bed linen as an extension of your wardrobe, choose colours that you love and always stick to natural fibers like hundred percent cotton, linen or silk. Here is a pure cream cotton fabric ready to get transformed into a beautiful bed spread.

A good laugh and a long sleep are the Best cures in the doctors book....Irish proverb...:)

6. Add instant glamor to the bath room with lace trimmed towels and flowery bath oil bottles...

7.The ceramic birds are charming and gives your home a cheery look.

Items for my Autumn Collection - 

8.Enjoy your hot soup in your leafy bowl to brighten a dull fall's day.

9.The seasons brightest colour, the zesty orange to pep you up.

My passion. Your luxury...:):)

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  1. Beautiful dear Sujatha! My goodness, is it two years you are delighting us with your beautiful blog posts?! Every photo is lovely with all the great pillows and linens. I also love all your ítems here, the birds, soup bowls, mugs, etc. You did a great job with your label. Congats to you. I have to confess to you that I alwaus loved your "Crystal Grandeur Blog" title.

  2. Dear Sujatha!
    Just stopped by for a quick hello but had to drop a message to wish you the best on your new venture. Your Label - how cool is that? - has absolutely adorable, enchanting items already. Wishing you all the best and may the light, that you always played to well in your home creations, enlighten the path of the items to lovely and enchanted homes around the world.
    All the Best, Dear!!!

  3. I do follow you dear Mrs. S...

    I am loving you treasures and I would love to have the white hobnailed vase and the linens? Adorable.

    COngrats and wishing you all the best. More years to come.

    /CC girl

  4. So beautifully put together. The pillows offer spring which everybody is patiently waiting for. I love the touch of the driftwood for texture, love the birds too and the jars. Good luck on your new endeavor...Christine

  5. oh my, sujatha!! how wonderful for you! this is something many would love to do, but, don't get the chance. beautiful linens and ceramics! the tulip pillows are darling, too! i wish you huge success in your new journey!!

  6. Love all of these...what a wonderful collection and beautiful items. Good luck to you in your endeavors.

  7. Good luck on your venture. Your selections are lovely.

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  8. Congratulations! How wonderful that you have started on this new venture! The items are gorgeous, especially those tulip pillows!
    Wishing you much success.

  9. Oh wow, everything is so pretty and congratulations on your own line. You do have such lovely taste and all of the items shown are gorgeous. Good luck on your new venture. Hugs, Marty

  10. It is all so beautiful! Wishing you all the best on your new venture!

  11. I totally love your style of writing. Very candid and descriptive at the same time. And the pictures are very very pretty and unique. You've got great taste.

  12. I knew you had the potential. I knew I could expect some thing out of the ordinary- but am awestruck with the creations . Very very proud to say my aunt is an excellent designer. Success awaits you. My hearty wishes for a successful career in home designing.Keep it flowing.

  13. Congratulations to you, Sujatha, on taking that great leap of faith to start your own Home Label! It takes a lot of courage and foresight to do something so wonderfully bold, and I'm proud of you! It looks like you are off to a wonderful start, and I have no doubt you will take this up a level with each passing month and year. You have a great spirit to match your love of fine decor, and that will take you far. You did a beautiful job of styling this merchandise, and I have no doubt you will just get bigger and better as time goes on!

    Best wishes to you in your new endeavor! I'm applauding and rooting for you! :-)

  14. Thank you for your visit! Best of luck with your beautiful new enterprise.

  15. Congrats again sweet friend on your new Enterprise and may God bless every step you make!
    Thank you for your lovely and kind wishes for our anniversary, I so appreciate it!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  16. I'm so proud of you for introducing your new label. I wish you the best of fortunes with your endeavors! Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay