Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Karthigai Deepam....Row Of Lamps with golden glows:):)

In the series..... festivals of India at Crystal grandeur this post is about the upcoming festival Karthigai Deepam.It is celebrated enthusiastically during this time of the year in Tamil Nadu and in some states of Southern India . The festival comes just few weeks after Diwali and the significance of the festival is lighting of lamps at temples and at homes. This Hindu festival gives great importance to light. The fresh mild fragrance of burning oil lamps and the soft flames add to the sanctity of the  atmosphere. Light is the symbol of human awaking--lead us from darkness to light.

I fondly hold memories of my childhood days celebrating Karthigai Deepam at mothers house. Preparations begin two three days earlier by taking out the clay lamps from the loft and they are washed and put in the sun light for drying. On the morning of the celebration day we (sisters and nieces) sit down  to roll hundreds of small cotton wicks for the lamps. In the evening just before the sun set we arrange the lamps on the trays pour in the oil and place the wicks on the lamps. We light the lamps and place them on the Rangoli , near the entrance door, compound walls, on window ledges etc. 

When the darkness falls it is wonderful to see the house and other houses and  the whole street is illuminated with rows of oil lamps. The soft golden glow from the little lamps creates beauty , happiness  and freshness all around. We pray for the Rain God not to pour and spoil the magic of the day. Sweet dishes are prepared and served among families. 

It is funny to see the dog in our house getting restless for lighting the lamps all around. She even burnt her nose by sniffing the flame.

Karthigai festival in Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu is very famous and lakhs of people throng the temple on this particular day . On this day a huge fire lamp is lit on top of the hill using gallons of ghee and it is visible for several kilometres around. The fire is called Maha Deepam. 


                                                          Thiruvannamali Temple


  1. It sounds like a beautiful festival!

  2. Sorry I'm late visiting your beautiful post dear Sujatha! I love festivals in India, they always sound amazing, I would love to go to one one day...I love everything Indian and you too, lol!
    The gathered candle holders are lovely and look so festive.
    Happy holiday season.

  3. The last image of that stunning tample is exquisite!

  4. the lights are such a beautiful site--beautifully displayed vignettes, sujatha:) and the temple looks amazing!