Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Candle Moments...(Part--1)

The flickering light of flame from a candle is truly magical. We choose candles for special occasions to create mood and ambiance. The flame and the mesmerizing fragrant smell from candles of different colors, sizes, shapes and textures are soothing at any season and more so during Fall. Candles glowing softly on a dinner table gives a stunning look to the entire setting. Decorative candles lit unlit enhance the beauty of a room and a source of warmth. 

Sharing here few of my candle shots from the blog file of 2011 and 2012. Have a wonderful season with candles and do enjoy the soothing hypnotic effect of candlelight wherever you place and light them...:))) 

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  1. I love how candle light plays in your home, decor and creations...
    Every time I have a party and light a candle I try to take pictures with just the candle light just because of you as I love it so much.
    Thank you for sharing this inspiration today. It looks Autumn is really arriving and it gave warmth and whimsy to my day.

  2. Wow. It was a pleasure to see the beautiful colours and it felt as though the candles were actually radiating warmth. Was getting better and better as I scrolled down the pictures. I could keep watching the pictures over and over again.

  3. My goodness. Your candles are truly mesmerizing. It was so soothing just to look at your photos, I can only imagine what it would have been like to be there. Especially when such a wonderful woman set them up. I love the styles of your candles, especially the lovely twisted ones. I wish I could find candles here like that. What kind of wax are the candles made from. Your candle holders are all so beautiful and unique. The table settings are flowers are all so gorgeous! You are very talented my dear. Kind Regards, Valerie