Monday, 21 December 2015

A Table with Frosted fruits and silk flowers...:)

Late December  has always been a time for celebrations. The holidays are filled with reunions of family and friends. For occasions like this table settings along with beautiful center piece decorations play an important part . The season too like no other season  provides citrus fruits Oranges, shiny Tangerines and other fruits like Apples, Grapes,figs, strawberries etc.

During this season there is excitement in the air and many have in their mind how do I present my table in a fresh and impressive way.It is not always possible to go for expensive shop bought decorations. A table arrangement with fruits and flowers along with China wares for a holiday entertainment  is most welcoming. If you are thinking of giving a festive sparkle to the center piece the theme is expanded to frosted fruits and flowers .

I created a pastel table setting with frosted fruits and silk flowers to give a festive touch. It was fun creating this table as well the frosted fruits. 

Idea to create frosting fruits: Brush egg white (after beating lightly) on the fruits where required. Then sprinkle powdered sugar over the painted egg white. Remove the excess sugar from the fruits by gently shaking it off. 

 This arrangement on a holiday... sets the scene for you and your loved ones...:)  

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  1. So lovely. I can only imagine sitting down at this wonderful and welcoming table. Your centerpiece is stunning with the most beautiful bounty. Perfection!

  2. Beautiful...your fruit is amazing! Love the teal glasses.

  3. Your table is stunning, Sujatha. I love the frosted fruits as your centerpiece. Enjoy the holidays!...Christine