Friday, 30 December 2016

P.A.S.S.I.O.N. - A recipe to aging gracefully:)

Another year has gone by in this millennium and so has a year in our lives. One's age is on everyone's mind and so maturing gracefully has to be conscious effort.  One can be 60 or above, and yet be exuberant and young at heart. Maturing gracefully are in the seven letter word  PASSION. Passion is the fuel that lights the fire of life.

P: in passion stands for purpose and meaning in life. Regardless of where you came from, you need to have clearly defined sense of purpose. Setting measurable goals on what you deeply love and care about is worthwhile. To accomplish what matters is important.
It gives you a great sense of self esteem and the confidence to mature gracefully.
A: in passion stands for acceptance. Accepting yourself unconditionally, believing in yourself. Whatever you do, do... not as a job but as a hobby. When you take that line, it gives you two essential vitamins for maturing, consistency and fun. Enjoying the process makes it meaningful. 

SS: The two SS in passion epitomize first being sensitive to others, be it family or friends, being supportive, forming a beautiful warm network where people matter to you and you matter to them. The second S is sharing your joys your desires with your near and dear ones. A close and loving relationship is essential in our evolution. 

I: in passion is the inclination to continuously discover and rediscover yourself. 

O: in passion stands for "OM" or any form of spirituality. Like meditation expands the functioning of the brain. The right side which is creative and imaginative while the left side is logical, rational and scientific. 

N: in passion is for negativity as it is self-defeating. Minus N in life is to be always positive. Focus on hope not fears. Use time for ingenuity and imagination when faced with difficulties. Convert these into opportunities. When you exude optimism and good cheer, it comes back. Laugh and share with rest of the world and it comes back to you. 


               Sharing 2016 images from Crystal Grandeur.

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  1. Very nice. I am a collector of white dishes too and I think that you have a lot of fun pieces. I have a similar tiny white bowl (top picture) and I have not thought to put a tea light candle in them. Great idea. I will probably steal that :).

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