Thursday, 6 April 2017

Simple colorful Spring decor:)

Little decor changes in a room can make a big difference. Easiest way to get a quick seasonal update and usher in fresh new colors to boost your mood by bringing in one or two accent colors across cushion covers and throws to the sofa. Adding a feathered friend, bright colored flower, some greens and a candle jar to the coffee table can be simple,beautiful and stylish. 

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  1. How colorful. I love the contrast between the bright showy orange flowers and the more subdued green of the candle and the soft pastels of the bird. Very pretty.

  2. Oh my friend, this is stunning !
    I love that little birdie in the nest, along with the pretty ceramic basket with the flowers. Sujatha, among your various talentes, photography is one I forever admire your skill, it's fabulous!
    Thanks for dropping by, you are so sweet.
    PS: How is your son? What's new with him? Do let me know.

  3. Such a pretty vignette, Sujatha. I love the color combinations and that flower is stunning...Christine

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