Saturday, 24 June 2017

Summer Table With Summer Flowers :)

We have come to the mid of 2017. Nature is doing it's job and in blog land too, everywhere, creative instincts keep flowing with personal hints and tips. During these long six years of blogging, there was never a dull moment and blogging has become  routine & unavoidable to me however busy. I love everything about blogging and am happy to be part of blogging community. It's always overwhelming to receive cherish-able comments from unknown destinations, unknown people and blog friends. Thank you all.

In a sun filled room a summer dining with  just simple flowers makes a difference. The dragon fly and butterfly print table runner adds charm to the table as well. The combination of yellow,white and with  touches of blue & green declares they are true colors of  June skies. 


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  1. Beautiful tablescape!Love your dishes and the yellow flowers!

  2. Hi, Sujatha! I am so happy to have met you through blogging! I think we have been communicating for at least 5 of your 6 years doing it. I'm so glad that you are still enjoying it so much and feel it to be an integral part of your life. I feel the same way. It's hard not to with so many beautiful things all around us just waiting to become a part of our creative thinking process!

    You have created yet another uniquely lovely table with your signature touches that make it so special. The bright yellow flowers really are a fantastic accent to the overlay runner! With the glow of the candlelight, it just all comes together!

    Have a wonderful week ahead, and I wish you many more blissful years of tablescaping!

  3. It is so soft and clean
    The yellow makes the setting

  4. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  5. I love this very pretty china dear friend.
    Your Summer setting is really that, lovely, fresh and bright with serene colors.
    The butterfly shawl as a topper brings it all together in a perfect way!
    Have a great weekend.