Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Romantic Fall Table :))

Fall is the time to fall in love with the season as well with  Fall elements that we come across. Fall is also associated with romance, and say about it, it wound be about fun dates, snuggling, holding hands & cozy fire side chats among couples and young lovers.  

In spirit of the season setting a table for two with Sun flower plates and with much adored & used Fall decor element a ceramic pumpkin as a candle holder and placing bunches of saturated shades of greens in a vase looked pretty. All fall into Fall style romantic table.  

I think I am smitten by  Sun flower plate table setting and this is second in row in a week at Crystal Grandeur. Restricting the color palette to shades of brown & white gives a warm look in the cozy corner. 

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  1. Your lovely plates are simple yet elegant. Sunflowers at their finest! :-)

  2. Very pretty. Sunflowers are so fun.

  3. Love the pretty sunflowers, how cheery! I have to scroll back up and look once more. Have a good week!