Thursday, 15 February 2018

Evening Coffee Table Setting:)

   Hello.....Hope everyone had a wonderful V-day celebration with your loved ones. For me the day went with exchanging of  V-day messages on What's app & Fb with dear and near ones. Well the chilly days here moving away to give way to Spring. Officially it isn't yet Spring in our sub continent. Our Spring season is short lived though everyone look forward to it. 
   Just doing up a Pre-Spring setting with a recipe on coffee table looked pretty for the evening. Instead of using a runner or a table cloth I placed few old jagged wooden planks which I found and placed the dishes on it. And I loved the texture too which gave a rustic look.The golden marigold along with flickering lights of home made candles looked charming for the evening as well. I turned the cute little sauce bottles into candle container.   

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  1. Your table is pretty and the food looks so good. I enjoyed your soup recipe and these look like interesting too.

  2. Hummm,look delicious!Love the flowers too!

  3. I'm so hungry right now looking at your dish ! I love your rustic setting and my friend, you are an artist photographer, I always say.
    Hope all is going well at home with you.