Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Yellow Marvel

Why do drinks, sometimes, with such simple ingredients taste so good?? When you are in the mood to chill out, literally, here is an easy to do drink with the Kumquat or Calamondin Oranges.
The Kumquat or Calamondin Orange, a loose skinned fruit, though bitter and sour is edible and can be made into delicious Marmalade and to a marvelous cool drink.Scroll down to see how to make a drink out of them.

What to mix:
3 Kumquat not Skinned
2 1/2 table spoon sugar
2Cups of Water

How to Fix: 
Blend the Kumquat oranges and sugar first in the blender. Add water and run the blender for a few seconds.Strain and serve Chilled with Ice Cubes.
This drink is fun for the season and definitely worth a try. 
Thank you.
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  1. Simple juices are the best! When I went to Morocco earlier this summer, we went nuts over the freshly squeezed orange juice (they had about a million juicing stalls set up in the city squares). It was perfection!