Thursday, 9 August 2012

On a rain soaked day ...

Whilst other parts of the world is experiencing the warmth of summer, for us, it's the glorious rainy season. Today is a day of a cloudy sky with the rain drizzling since morning. It is wonderful to watch the silver streak of rain water dropping from the sky outside the window. I love the rain and the way our mood gets influenced by the way we perceive things ...  

With the gloomy weather outside I wanted to relax and enjoy the climate with a casual sit down lunch with an easy to make meal. As I don't want to strike off soups and salads from the food list, as boring, keeping that in mind, I prepared a quick crispy salad and soup to have along with fruits and laid a table in my favorite and usual place as the drizzles became heavier than before.

I feel a simple dish presented with a simple styling idea & with imagination can be inviting and this turned out to be a prefect deal for a rain soaked day.

Sprouts can be called super foods as they enhance health energy and longevity since they have the greatest nutrient content all raw foods.

Even with simple preparations food must first look good, smell great & be finally delicious.

This has been my 25th post since I started blogging. I would like to thank my readers, and wonderful followers, whose comments and encouragement, drive me to continue blogging. Love You All... Thanks.

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  1. Rainy days do give us time to get inspired!

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Soup sounds good on a rainy day. Your table vignette is beautiful...Christine

  3. Everything looks so beautiful. I love the bowl of alabaster fruit.

  4. Love the bowl of alabaster fruit! So pretty!
    Congrats on 25 posts!
    Thanks for being a part of Let's Dish!