Thursday, 16 August 2012

Potluck: A Summer Table Decor ...

Potlucks are here for us as blessing in disguise and are fun when everyone gets into the act of carrying one dish to a pot luck gathering. 

One can make a potluck tablescape interesting by using contrasting cheerful colors of the summer & by ensuring that the entire ware along with other things on the table blend together as a unit - Like the mix of the varied menu. 

Speaking of Pot luck dinners, lunch or high tea - They can be arranged among a large group or a small intimate group with a menu left to chance or planned, whilst being formal & sophisticated or casual too. It is customary for the host to provide the main dish while the guests bring complimentary dishes to round out the menu.

By making a relaxing moment for yourself and others with less work & stress, one can enjoy a nice meal with a functional table decor, knitting the guests together, when everyone gets in to the act of serving and sharing.

Hope your next gathering will be a Potluck Party with your near and dear ones :) :)

This beautiful flower would make a poet out of a person, even if they aren't one.

Candles arranged with The Royal Poinciana flowers, also called Gulmohar in India, lighten up the table just as they flame up the streets when they are in full bloom.

Just like the combination of White & Red on the Table, these flowers created by God come with the same contrasting colours. Amazing.

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  1. Looks like you are ready for a party. ;-)
    Potlucks are fun when a group of friends gather.

  2. A happy table of red and white china! You have everything displayed so beautifully. I like the idea of a pot luck dinner. The food is so appetizing and the green pepper rings really set off the pizza. Cute butterflies on the screen!

    Thanks, Pam

  3. Your post made me smile. I love the attention to detail and the food looks yummy. I'd be honored to be a guest at your potluck!

  4. Love the pretty colors of your dishes, and the flowers are so beautiful. Delicious looking food, too!

  5. Lovely vibrant colours! Yummy food too. Yet another beautiful display- shanthi

  6. A wonderful explotion of color in this table, with such amazing tablewear! The food is also making me hungry, wow, I wish I was tasting those delicious exotic dishes I see. Oh Shanti, you make the very best displays of everythin, dishes and food. Thanks for your lovely visit, it's always a treat to me, sweet friend.

  7. What vibrant colors! The food looks wonderful, and displayed beautifully!

  8. We have lots of family potlucks and they are so much fun! I love your potluck table :)

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