Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas with Reindeers ;)

I am glad to present my first Christmas decor of the season. Using a lot of Whites, Silvers & Reds I have tried to bring the Christmas spirit in to these lil vignettes. Hope you like it :):)

Happy Holidays & Thank You for visiting.


  1. Hi dear Crystal,
    I am so sorry not to visit you for sometimes. I had a black Christmas, as you know. I did participated and not visit my readers so often. Now, I started a new life although the pain still in my heart.

    Wow! you are such a good tablescaper. Absolutely, pretty. Love the porcelain reindeers. I have 2 almost like yours but they are in a sort of mohair (Swedish made). I will post them on next for my Swedish Xmas table.

    Happy mid-week, gorgeous.

    /CC girl

  2. I don't know how I missed this one! My old brain is slipping fast! :-) I love the butterfly wings that anchor the first vignette! That's very clever! You did a great job with the 2nd vignette, too. I love the pretty sparkly gold candles!!! The final vignette is pretty, too. I like the geese with the red bows and that fun little Santa Claus with his cute red nose!!!! (Ha! I made a rhyme! "Bows" and "nose"!!! :-)