Thursday, 6 December 2012

Tablescapes of Christmas Past ...... Part II

Season's Greeting's to all those who are enjoying this time of the year. This tablescape was something I did last year. I arranged it with fresh roses for a cold winter's evening. Hope you like it :):)

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  1. Hi there, Sujatha!!!!!! I hope you're doing well! I had to go back over your photos several times. SO pretty! I can almost smell the fresh fragrance of those cut oranges!!! What a great way to bring color and fragrance and texture to your table! With them there near the candlelight, I'm sure the sweet fragrance was just intensified. And mixed with the aroma of the roses.....mmmmm, I love it! I really like the pattern on your dishes! They kind of remind me of a Monet painting. I love the way you always fill a table out. I do that same thing. I just think it makes it look more bountiful and gives something for the eyes to "play with" all throughout dinner. Very nice!!!!!! Have a fantastic weekend!!

  2. Beautiful table, Sajatha...the roses are, too! I love added oranges, they are my favorite fruit.