Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A Whimsical Garden Table....:):)

                                                         Thank you for visiting my garden party...:)
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  1. I love all of the bright summery colors in your tablescape. My eyes are tasting the cherries and the melon as I am looking at your lovely vivid pictures. Nice job of meeting Kathleen's challenge.

  2. Sujatha, You have such talent with color mixing! So bright and so much fun. I love the fruit skewers and the smiling sunshine plates. Such a welcoming table! Linda

  3. Wonderful garden setting for your whimsical summer table! I love the darling salt and pepper shakers for they are so cute. The sunshine faces on the salads made me smile. Hope your week is wonderful!


  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous tablecloth, Sujatha...I can't take my eyes from it! Cute smiley faced plates. Your centerpiece has my mouth watering.
    Have a great week.

  5. Love all the colors!. And the smiling salt and pepper shakers. :D Very festive!

  6. SUJATHA!!!!!!!! Oh, Sujatha...this is so pretty! I'm so glad you took us out onto your beautiful and very, very spacious patio area! It's so lovely! You've got so many different plants out there, and it's just an oasis! Your table is right at home amongst all the greenery!

    The fruit skewers are so fun! What a great idea! Not only are they great for guests to eat, but they bring the color up off the table in a fun, whimsical and very unique fashion. Very cool!!!

    I'm just looking at all the fresh fruits you have laid out on the table, and it boggles the mind! Those look like Rainier cherries. Those are VERY expensive here. I think I saw them at the store for about $8 per lb. the other day, so I just waved at them and kept wheeling my shopping cart right on past! :-) And are those figs? So nice!

    All of the fun figurines and the very happy plates really lend to the whimsical part of this table. You did a terrific job!!!

    Have a beautiful weekend, and take care!

  7. Love the tablescape with your pretty tablecloth and sunshine dishes but love the magnificent outdoor setting even more!

  8. Very whimsical! I love that beautiful tablecloth! Thank you for taking part in the Summer Whimsy Tablescape Challenge!

  9. the bright tablecloth and how you have used it as a base for the lovely colors. So bright and cheerful...great table!

  10. Oh my dear friend, what a gorgeous and fun table in such a special and great outdoor patio...I don't know what I love the most! The tablecloth is so pretty and summery, it pulls everything together in such a happy manner and your dishes and glasses are perfect! Thanks for sharing sweetie. I will be back home tomorrow from my DD Sofia's home. Have a ovely week.