Sunday, 1 June 2014

Where Do I keep them All...:):)

It's great of Alma (The Tables caper)to celebrate her fifth Blogiversary on June 1st.A wonderful blogger and a warm hear ted  person to welcome new bloggers and encourage them.I always been inspired by her photography and her style  of setting a table.Cong rat's on completing  fifth year in blog gland and Best wishes for her new venture.

Happy to be a part of 'Where do i keep it all? party.I have taken few shots of how do i keep them all.It was totally a different click from the usual click of setting a table.I loved it.Thank you for visiting me...:):)

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  1. I love how neat you keep it all! I am too, but I have some cartons, so that's not pretty as this is!
    Tomorrow I will post potos of the trip, as I am now finished with lots of work at home and my other things.
    Have agreat week.

  2. Everything is as pretty put away as it is out! You have some gorgeous pieces that you create magical tables with!

  3. Wow...look at all of your cool stuff!!! I LOVE those glasses on the middle shelf of the last photo! They are my favorites, although you have a ton of beautiful items in your collection! I knew you always set such pretty tables!

    I hope you are doing well and that your weekend was a good one! (I can never remember if your time is before ours or after ours here. It's Sunday evening here right now.) Take care, and have a wonderful, blessed week!!!

  4. Thank you for letting us peek into your closets! You have many pretty things to use for your tablescapes! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  5. there is no way, i'd be able to make so much, look so neat and tidy! have a great week, sujatha!!

  6. I know where they all are now!!

  7. Ahh you had them hidden away. You have some lovely dishware. Hugs

  8. You have some lovely dishes and have them tucked away in great spaces! Wasn't this challenge fun?!