Monday, 6 October 2014

Navratri Moments

I am happy to be back and happy to share photos of the recently concluded Navrathri festival. It was a beautiful nine days and nine nights of celebration for me and my family.

Besides other aspects, the arrival of Goddesses Durga during Navrathri leads to an out burst of creativity in everyone's home. Young and old, everyone becomes an artist during the celebration, creating innovative images of Goddesses Durga and her family. There is no end to our imagination, as the goddess is adorned in beautiful attire during this time. The themes for Durga puja vary in different homes, from environmental awareness to fairy tales.

It is a wonderful thought, the notion that we are all part of this universe that the Almighty created. And through our creations, we pay a tribute to the Goddesses.

Other than dressing up the Goddesses, I also created a miniature rural landscape whose theme revolved around environmental awareness and the importance of trees and forests. Thank you for your visit, your comments are welcome..:)

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  1. Photo 12 reminds me of our more traditional Nativity Scenes (cribs) that we display in our homes on Christmas. It makes me think that all religions aren't so different after all.
    And the spurt of creativity is also shared in my religion.
    So sweet to witness your ways.
    Thank you for sharing Dear Friend,

  2. Your scenes are amazing. The beautiful fabrics and attire show such creativity. I also loved your environmental awareness theme. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey