Thursday, 23 October 2014

Diwali Table:)

Last couple of months had been months of festivities here. For me it was all about shopping, decorating, entertaining, gifting , preparing delicious menu and so on. 
Now in the list of festivals is Diwali. Diwali is  celebrated with lot of joy and fun with lighting of lamps,cracking crackers, eating sweets and preparing delicious food.

Happy to share our Diwali table decor here. Chose a colour scheme of white and silver to give the table a soft and feminine touch.
Decided to use white wares as I felt that our food has such strong vibrant colours and white does the magic as a contrast.

A sliver basket with simple non scented floral  arrangement in the middle looked matching too. 

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  1. Hi, Sujatha! I wish I could visit India during the time of the festivals. I know it would be an incredible once in a lifetime experience with lots to learn and enjoy!

    You've set a beautiful table for Diwali, and I like it that you went with soft colors to allow the food to stand out. Your silver basket is really pretty...very fitting for this setting. The design on those little bowls is GORGEOUS!!! The coloring looks inlaid. Very rich!

    Nice touch to add the rose to the flatware. It adds a touch of color to the table without overwhelming it. Beautiful!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Perfect.
    Happy Divali to you, Dear Sujatha.
    The setting is perfect and I love how light plays in your home.
    I had a similar problem with dishes and colorful food the other day. I wanted to use some white and blue dishes and it wouldn't just work with the food I was preparing. And white ware is always elegant.
    Thank you for sharing,

  3. How perfect! Happy Divali to you and your family. I can just imagine how beautiful it is with all the bright colors of the delicious food.

  4. Beautiful for your Divali celebration, I'm sure you are having a wonderful time with your family as well.
    Your table topper is lovely with all the special dishes on top of it! Now for the food, wish I was there, lol!
    You always have wonderful lighting in your settings, it makes it special and romantic.
    Thanks for your visit sweet Sujatha. Have a fun weekend.


  5. I see pure elegance in your blog. Love the way your lighting is displayed on your beautiful china, love if you share this on Fabulous Friday Party thanks maria

  6. This is beautiful, Sujatha. I love how the white looks so crisp. Belated Happy Diwali!...Christine

  7. This is an amazing post. Pretty table ...thanks for sharing it at my last Fabulous Friday Party! Stop by this Friday for another party
    Thanks Maria